Two classes down; one to go

Rory Johnson (LB, Hinds CC, MS) - Some observers were somewhat surprised when Coach Orgeron stated at the SEC Media Days that he expected Mississippi's 2005 Defensive Juco Player of the Year to qualify.But what many did not know is this.

"I had already made what I needed in two of my three courses," stated Rory Johnson. "I made B in World Lit and a C in college Algebra. I am not going to lie, Algebra gave me fits. It was hard, but I did it."

And where does this leave Rory?

"I have one more test to take. I take that on Monday. I need finish up with a C or better and I am in. When ever my grade gets back in, they are going to overnight it to the NCAA Clearinghouse. They hope to have me at practice by Wednesday."

What did Rory think about O's comments from the SEC Media Days?

"He has always had my back. Coach O had confidence in me way back in January when it was looking bad. Now it is my turn to get his back. That is what keeps me motivated. I do not want to make him look bad."

How tough has this whole ordeal been on Rory?

"Really, not tough at all. I put myself in this hole, so I had no choice but to dig myself out. But really, I am just ready to join the boys and start playing some ball. I am keeping myself in great shape. I do 200 pushups a day, and I at my prime weight, 225. I was playing at 240 during the season, but I thought I lost some of my quickness playing at that weight. It just feels good to be 100% back from my knee. I have not been 100% since my junior year in high school."

What does Johnson want to achieve during two a days at Ole Miss?

"I am ready to start making a name for myself. I want to be known as the big hitter. I love to make the big hit. But I am not going to lie, I am going out there to earn a starting role at weakside linebacker. I told Coach Saunders I am his man. I have wasted two years playing juco ball. I am not coming up there to sit. The only thing I need to do is learn a new system. Once I do that, there is no stopping me."

Video of Rory out of high school:

Video of Rory at Hinds CC

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