"Anything short of Atlanta is unacceptable"

Don Mosley (OG, Tampa, FL) - The 6' 2", 295 pound offensive guard signed with Ole Miss after entertaining offers from West Virginia, Iowa State, Southern Mississippi, and two of his home state programs, South and Central Florida.Why Ole Miss?

"I just liked the whole team atmosphere. It is not people about themselves, it is about their team," stated Don Mosley.

Mosley has been in Oxford since late May; has the University of Mississippi been everything he had hoped it would be?

"Yes, it got even better when I got to meet Coaches Kehoe and Werner."

Coach Kehoe will be Don's position coach; does Mosley like his coaching style?

"He reminds me of my high school head coach, but he is more of a I am going to stay on top of you at all times coach than my old coach. I love that. He keeps you on your toes. He is on you whether it is school, conditioning, or knowing the plays. But he is a real cool coach to talk to and everything."

Now that Mosley has had a summer to work out with the current players; what adjustments will he have to make to succeed on the SEC level?

"It is not going to be a big adjustment. It is just going to be believing in myself and knowing I can do it. That is all it is going to be."

What physically will Don have to improve on?

"I think I am physically fine right now. I just want to get better at the little things, like footwork, hand placement, and all that good stuff."

Don has one simple goal he wants to achieve before the end of camp?

"I want to be a starter, period."

And what if he does not earn a starting role?

"I am hoping to play. I will not lie. But I will just have to see when camp starts. I am not going to be like I have to play or I am leaving, but I hope I can at least contribute to the team this year."

Mosley was a part of a recruiting class that was ranked in the Top 15 in the nation. Has he gelled with his new teammates yet?

"They are all cool people. It is not like high school where you already know everybody. You meet a lot of new people with a lot of different personalities that come from all over the place. But it is all good. We all get a long real good. There are not a bunch of clicks in our class. We are all just one big click."

How does it feel to finally get in their class' star QB?

"It feels real good. It took all the pressure off of our backs with the questions of him coming or not. We can not wait to get in a rhythm with him."

Has it been an easy transition playing for a new staff?

"The staff is real close. They keep in touch with all of the players at all times. You never know when you are going to get a call from them, so you have to be on your toes at all times with them. You can not get away with much with them (laugh). They know all of the games."

Has Don set any team goals?

"I only one goal and that is Atlanta. Anything less is unacceptable."

Which game does he most look forward to this year?

"LSU because they did us wrong last year, but we got something waiting on them this year."

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