"It just feels like home here"

Mississippi's lone Parade All-American has one goal on his mind.

"My freshman year I want to be a dependent player for my teammates. I want them to know they can depend on me to make plays. I want to do my part," stated the always humble Marcus Tillman.

When did Tillman report to Ole Miss?

"I have been here since the first day of school in June."

What has been the biggest adjustment Tillman has had to make?

"Just being away from my mother. She is the backbone for me and my family. I miss her. As far as football, probably going hard all of the time, I mean all of the time."

Now that Marcus has had a chance to run around with the current players; is the speed of the game a big difference?

"Huge, but that has not been that big of a deal. But yea, everybody is the fastest person you see on the high school field. I mean, everybody has that speed here. It makes the game a lot more fun though. I like to play fast."

What are Tillman's goals during two a days?

"Really, I just want to learn all of the plays. Once I have the system down, then I can play down hill. But as long as you are thinking out there, it seems like you are playing with both of your feet in the mud. Like I said, I like to play down hill. That is all I know."

What techniques does Marcus want to work on during two a days?

"Probably using my hands and recognizing the plays and blocks."

When speaking of strengths in Tillman's game; one thing comes to mind.

"My biggest strength is pass rushing. I love to get after the QB."

How well has Ole Miss' Top 15 nationally ranked recruiting class gelled?

"I think we have a special group. We have been in the dorm over there and getting to know each other. A lot of things are going on, so I think we are getting real close. Everybody is enjoying this. We know we can win some championships together before we leave."

And just why did this Parade All-American choose Ole Miss?

"Ole Miss just felt like home, and the staff here did a great job recruiting me. You know I gave LSU some thought early on, but after coming here and checking things out and comparing everything, I just thought this was the best fit for me."

Marcus had 68 tackles, 8 sacks, and 2 fumble recoveries during his senior season. He was named 1st Team All-State, Dandy Dozen, and was also named the #5 Most Wanted prospect in the state of Mississippi by the Clarion Ledger.

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