Monday Practice Report

Day three of the Ole Miss Rebel fall football camp produced some positive results, especially on the offensive front. Today marked the first day they put the shells on. Ready about it inside.

Day three was the first day to put on the pads and Coach Orgeron seemed to be pleased with how the offense is coming together.

"Well, it was the first day that we put the pads on. I thought our offense had a really good day. Just the basic stuff. I think they have started to gel some. I thought Ben Jarvus Green had a good day. I thought Mico McSwain had a real good day. Cordera Eason showed some good things. He continues to do well," added Ed Orgeron.

And the million dollar question is how is Brent Schaeffer coming around?

"Brent had another good day throwing the football. He threw a couple of picks and made a couple of mistakes out there, but he is getting better and better. He is going to be a good one."

Coach Orgeron stated in the Monday press conference that he wanted to see what the WR's looked like with shoulder pads on. Was he pleased?

"They looked good. There were no problems. I did not see any differences than without the pads on."

John Jerry was impressive in his second day of work, and he carried that over into today's practice.

"John Jerry continues to improve. I really like what I am seeing in him. I think he is going to help us, a whole lot."

The Rebels are practicing without a couple of their key defensive tackles right now, and it looks like they are still in search to fill in the gaps.

"We are just mix and matching, mix and matching. We are doing the best we can."

With Hayward Howard and Brandon Jenkins out of practices, for the most part, could this help the younger guys develop at a faster pace?

"We will find out. It sure helps our offense (laugh), for sure."

Allen Walker came in as one of the top rated safeties in the country and has not disappointed.

"Allen is just so aggressive, really aggressive. He had a nice pick today. He will come up and hit you. It is just a matter of learning the position for him. But boy, does he have some tools, wow, he is impressive."

Cassius Vaughan continues to shine as well.

"Cassius is doing fine. He is quick for a cornerback. He is going to play this year. We are playing him at the nickel position. He has a chance to play a lot this year. He will play some special teams. He is fast, has good hips. He is a keeper."

Garry Pack has moved to a new position.

"Garry is playing the Will for us now. He has made some progress. We are putting in more defensive plays, but we do not want it to be too confusing. We are going to see if the experiment works. You know we always have the option to move him back."

Why the move?

"We are just trying to find a Will. We have not found a Will on our team yet. Last year we did not have a lot of production out of the Will position, so we are just trying to see who can play the Will for us. On the other hand, Quentin Taylor looks very well at the Sam. He is playing good."

Which position(s) does Coach Orgeron expect the freshmen to contribute the most?

"WR obviously and special teams obviously. The defensive line will need some help. I do not know if they will all be freshmen, but we need some help out of the new guys. And Jonathan Cornell has a chance to play. I do not know if he will start, but he will have a shot. When Rory Johnson comes in, he will have a shot too."

Is Cornell playing the Will or Sam?

"Outside linebacker. That is where he will play."

What is the status of Jerrell Powe, Terry Levy, and LaDerrick Vaughn?

"We have not heard a thing. I have not heard a word in a week. Not yes, no, or indifferent."

Is it troubling for Coach Orgeron that the delays have taken this long?

"No, I do not focus on that. We have done everything we can do. We have to move on with this football team. Obviously, we are calling them and continuing to work on getting them here, but we are not focused on that. No way, we got to go."

Special teams was a sore spot on the team last season. Has there been any improvements?

"Today was alright. Nothing special. Our kickoff returners looked pretty good. We have a couple of new things, couple of twists in there. I think Frank Wilson is bringing a lot of fire to our special teams. I think we have some good returners."

Coach Orgeron was asked about the relationship between Coaches Werner and Kehoe.

"When they come to work. They know each other. They know each other's strengths and weaknesses. I think they are totally opposites, but they have a connection about each other. I think all three of us do. We are young together. I think we molded our careers together. We just know what each other is thinking. Really, there is nothing during the day that surprises them. They know how to react in almost every situation that comes up. They know how the guy is going to react and it will not be a surprise. The thing I like about Art is that he knows that Dan is clearly the boss and Dan will correct anything that needs to be corrected with the offense. That is what I love about him."

What are the differences between the two coaches since Coach Orgeron worked with them at Miami?

"They are basically the same people but obviously the years have matured with all three of us. We are all married now. We all have children. I think that knowledge of football has really helped us. We are all eager to win and we know what it takes to win. All those are common factors for us."

The Rebels will be back in shell for tomorrow's practice.

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