Scout's # 5 DE puts Ole Miss back on his list

Luther Davis (DE, West Monroe, LA) -'s #5 nationally ranked had his knee scoped during Spring practice.

How is that knee holding up?

"Real good. It kind of bothered me the first day of practice, but after that, I was ready to go. I was real excited about that," stated Luther Davis.

How are the defending 5A champions looking during two a days?

"On defense, we are looking real good. We do not feel like anybody can score on us, not more than once."

Luther attended the LSU, FSU, Florida, and Alabama camps this summer. What did he get accomplished?

"Mainly just my first step. I was focusing on my get off and my balance. I learned a lot about balance at the FSU camp. That really helped me out a lot."

Rumor was swirling that Davis was getting close to a LSU commitment after he attended the Tiger's senior camp.

"I heard that too, but I am going to wait it out and have fun with it. There will not be another opportunity to be recruited again, so I am going to wait at least mid way through the season. It is not going to be in the next couple of weeks. You know me and Ahmad Paige were suppose to commit on ESPN on August 19th, but I have canceled my part. I am not going to commit anymore."

Is Davis leaning LSU's way?

"At one point when I got back from their camp, I guess you could say I was leaning for a couple of days. But Coach Orgeron and Neilson (from Ole Miss) started calling again, and Florida and Louisville started calling again. I am totally wide open right now."

Which schools are at the top of Davis' list?

"In no order, USC, LSU, FSU, Florida, Ole Miss, Louisville, and Miami. California is also still in it."

When did the Rebels jump back into the mix?

"Well, I thought they were mad at me when I did not show up for their camp. I thought they had dropped me because they quit texting me and sending me letters and stuff. But then when I got back from the LSU camp, Coach Orgeron text messaged me, and we got everything straight. They have always been one of my top schools until all of that happened, but they are back up there now."

Which college is coming after Luther the hardest?

"It is has to be Louisville. I talk to Petrino all of the time. We talk like everyday. They are being totally honest with me. They already have four committed on the defensive line. They have two ends and two tackles committed, but they see me playing the 3 technique. They said that is what they see me going into the NFL as. That was music to my ears."

West Monroe opens their season against Longview (TX) on September 2nd.

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