Practice Report: Wednesday

The Ole Miss Rebel football team concluded their fifth day of practice today with Coach Ed Orgeron giving his squad a thumbs up for the effort on another hot August day. The Rebels will begin the two-a-day portion of fall camp tomorrow. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Football Coach Ed Orgeron scheduled some third-down situation work for his squad today and was pleased with what he saw out of Rebel QB Brent Schaeffer.

"I thought Brent worked well in the pocket and made some big plays. We tried to rush him with four men and it's difficult to do against him with his scrambling ability," Coach O noted. "We tried to blitz him some too and he picked those up as well. He really had a good day today.

"The offensive line also did a good job of protecting him. I was pleased with those aspects."

The Rebels will begin two-a-days tomorrow and will hold their first scrimmage Saturday, according to Coach O.

"I'm looking forward to the two-a-days. I think we are ready for it. There have been some lulls in a couple of practices so far, but for the most part our practices have been pretty steady. I think we are prepared for two-a-days," Coach O said.

Coach O on freshman LB John Cornell: "He looks really good - fast. It's just a matter of him picking up the scheme," Coach O said. "We are throwing a lot at the freshmen right now and some of them are starting to swim a little bit, but as soon as he picks things up, I think he will be great. He's an outside linebacker right now."

On the attention span of the freshmen: "We are not having a difficult time keeping their attention because 20 of the freshmen were here all summer working out with the team," he continued. "Almost all of them all summer. They are in fantastic shape. That is the most freshmen I have ever had work out with a team I was with in the summer. Their conditioning is a lot further along than most freshmen classes."

On the competitive nature of the frosh: "We have been preaching to them since we have been recruiting them for them to come in here and compete immeidately and I love that they have," Coach O commented. "Competition's part of our program and they understand that and welcome it. Again, it helps that they were with the team over the summer. It's not like they just reported so they are familiar with their teammates."

On frosh OL John Jerry: "He's coming along. He's athletic, he's physical. I believe his run blocking is a little ahead of his pass protection now, fundamentally. He seems to be picking up the offense at a pretty good rate," O assessed. "He's on the way to being a starter. I don't know if he can start the first game or not, but he's talented enough to. I know Michael Oher did it last year and I know John is talented enough to do it this year. It all depends on his August progress."

On SS B. Brown: "He's coming off a little camp injury, but he's doing fine now. He will play for us this year," Coach O added. "The difference in the secondary this year and last is confidence. The second year in a defense, they start understanding lining up right and offensive formations and the checks needed. They are further ahead than the rest of our units because we have three returning starters there."

On his frosh defensive ends: "Marcus Tillman and Kentrell Lockett both got first team snaps today and did very well with their chances," said O.

On MLB Patrick Willis' progress: "Patrick is fine," O noted.

On DE Viciente DeLoach: "He's doing OK," said Orgeron.

On injuries: "We're doing pretty well. Normal camp injuries, nothing unusual," said O. "I credit some of that to (S & C Coach) Aaron Ausmus. There's no doubt he is fantastic."

On depth chart movement: "There hasn't been much, nothing significant to talk about," he said. "We are taking our time with that because of all the installation and the new guys we've got. We don't want a lot of moving around and jockeying around from practice to practice right now. If a guy is not worthy of a first-team jersey, he's not getting one. We have some guys practicing with the first team right now who don't have a first team jersey."

On his philosophy of players playing both ways: "I wish I had about six guys who could do it, but in reality I think it sounds good, but is very difficult to achieve," he continued. "I think some skill players could do it, but that's about it."

On the use of the fullback in Dan Werner's package: "The fullback is very important in our offensive package. Those guys are hard to come by because you are looking for an athletic guy who is not going to get the ball much and is also big enough to block. He's like a mix between a tailback and a tight end. We are happy with Jason Cook and freshman Reggie Hicks there," Orgeron explained. "They are athletic enough to catch the ball in the flat and smart enough to pick up all the protections. We do give the ball to the fullback every once in a while here. Our offense is geared to two backs and the FB is important to us. They are hard to come by so some teams don't use the fullback."

The Rebs' first scrimmage will be Saturday.

During two-a-days, our practice reports will consist of one article after the second practice of each day. There will be no practice report after the morning practice during two-a-days.

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