Sunshine QB eying Ole Miss

T.J. Borcky (QB, Orlando, FL) - One of the true sleepers in the state of Florida preps at Lake Highland Academy.

T.J. Borcky is a 6' 4", 205 pound southpaw who should be making some big noise this upcoming season.

"T.J. is 6' 4" right now. He just turned 17. He will be in the 210 to 220 range when he finishes growing. He runs a 4.7 forty right now. The kid works away from practices and just has a great work ethic," stated T.J.'s father, Timothy Joseph, who jis also Lake Highland's head coach.

Borcky has not received a lot of recognition from the press but that could be changing.

"This will be his second season starting for us at QB. His freshman and sophomore years, he played WR because we had Rob Cass at QB. Rob is the starting QB for East Carolina right now. T.J. was just such a good athlete.We had to get him out there on the field somewhere, so we stuck him at receiver, free safety, and even some halfback for us. The kid has a great motor and can really run."

Is QB T.J.'s natural position?

"Most definitely. Since he has been in 7th grade, he has called all of our plays from the line of scrimmage. He has been running the Gator offense since 7th grade. We had to move him those two years because we wanted to get our best 11 out on the field."

What does Borcky do well on the field?

"He puts us in the right plays whether it is option, pass, or Wing T. We run a lot of Wing T out here. He is a threat to run or throw the ball. He had almost a 1,000 yards rushing and over a 1,000 yards passing and a 68.8 completion % in 8 games last year. He turned his ankle over pretty good in our eighth game. He had to miss the playoffs. It killed him missing the playoffs, but the doctor would not clear him to play."

What will Borcky need to work on for the next level?

"We are kind of a run oriented team, but he has thrown well for us. You can not work him hard enough. He watches film on his own every day. I think he is going to adjust pretty well to the college level because of how hard he works on his own. He still works on his drops every day in the back yard. The kid is just a student of the game. He is a 3.8 student, so he will learn the system pretty easily. He is a year younger than everybody else because he started a year early. But he could take a redshirt to catch up to everybody if needed."

Did T.J. garner any awards for his play during his junior season?

"He was named Offensive MVP. The year before, he was named the Team's Booster Award Winner, which is big around here. His sophomore year, he was named Most Versatile, because he excelled in all of the positions we put him in, WR, FS, KR, and HB. He has been a Team Captain the past two years and will be one again this year. He also won District 10 Player of the Year in the State of Florida last year."

Who are the main colleges that are recruiting T.J.?

"He has flat out offers from Cincinnati and Army. He was in the mix for Alabama. T.J. was their #2 guy behind Robert Marve. We have been told that he is in the top bracket with Boston College, Louisville, Auburn, South Florida, and Ole Miss. Coach Orgeron, the head coach for Ole Miss, personally told us after their camp that if Stephen Garcia does not take their offer, he is their next offer. But they wanted to hold true to their word with Garcia first. Right now, T.J. is kind of leaning in Ole Miss' direction because of their high interest in him. I have always told him to go where you are wanted. He also likes Coach Werner a lot. We have followed him since he has been at Miami. I think T.J. was really impressed with their campus and just having the chance to compete in the SEC. We are going back up to Ole Miss this weekend to check it out again. His mother is going to come along with us this time. After this season, I will be surprised if a lot more people do not start calling. He is going to really have a big year in our offense this year. He runs our offense so well."

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