Practice Report: Thursday

Ole Miss Football Coach Ed Orgeron put the Rebels through their first dose of two-a-days in the fall camp today. He also announced Saturday's afternoon scrimmage will be open to the public. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron was pleased with the defensive work in both sessions of today's first two-a-days and, while addressing the media post-practice, he said Saturday's afternoon practice in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, the Rebs' first scrimamge of August, will be open to the public.

An exact time for the scrimmage has not been set yet. We will keep you posted.

"I thought the defense kind of set the pace today in both practices. They were pretty sharp and did some good things," said Coach O, who put the team through both practices in shells (shoulder pads and helmets). "This was a pretty normal two-a-days - we did some good things and we did some things that weren't real good."

Orgeron said the team's conditioning held up well through both workouts.

"We had to come inside at the first of the second practice because of a threat of lightning, but then we went back outside the last three-quarters of the workout," he said. "The conditioning help up fine through both sessions."

Coach O said both practices were the same.

"We had special stuff in both practices, but they were basically the same. We just practiced hard - two normal practices," O noted.

Coach O assessed parts of the offensive line.

"Michael Oher is doing well, but we have some work to do with the rest of the guys. We're still not there, but it's early," he evaluated.

Specifically on defense, O summaraized the efforts.

"We played the run well, we rushed the passer well. (Freshman DE) Marcus Tillman had another tremendous day, a really good day. (DT) Brandon Jenkins practiced with us this afternoon. Jeremy Garret is really solid. Kentrell Lockett keeps coming along well. Patrick Willis had a fantastic day. The linebackers as a whole did well.

"The first day of two-a-days, the defense set the tempo."

There have been five players taking a two-week course during the first days of August practice - Jenkins, LB Antonio Turner, Jason Hawkins, Reterio Brown and Hayward Howard. Jenkins and Turner finished their classes today and practiced this afternoon. The other three are expected fo finish tomorrow and join the team for the afternoon practice.

"It will be good to have them all back, but I will say this - we have a tremendous group of walkons and those guys came to the front this week with a good week of practice," Orgeron noted. "They made our team a lot stronger."

Orgeron said he still has no word on LB Rory Johnson.

"We've had a couple of delays there and are just waiting on him to finish his work. We are optimistic with his deal but there are still some things he has to finish so we are a little unsure when he will be here," Coach O closed.

Again, Coach O has opened the Saturday afternoon practice - which will be the first scrimmage of the year - to the public. A time has not been set yet, but we will let you know as soon as we know.

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