Big things expected from freshmen safeties

Coach Orgeron has raved about his two freshmen at the safety slots.To read about what their expectations are for the incoming season, read below.

The following are quotes from the mini-interviews conducted during a recent media opportunity with Allen Walker and Jamal Harvey:

* S Allen Walker on summer conditioning: "I came in June. The first week I was here, they were teaching us techniques in lifting weights. Then we started doing 7 on 7's. Coach O moved me to safety towards the middle of June. I starting getting help from Charles Clark and Jamarca Sanford. They started showing me the plays. They were teaching me the position because I had never really played it until I got here. I played more like a pass rusher in high school, like an outside linebacker slash defensive end. That was the thing. Everybody had me rated (coming out of high school) at safety, but I had never played safety before."

* Allen on moving from wide receiver to safety: "I think my more natural position is at safety. I do not have to worry about running all of those routes. All I have to do is drop back and do my thing. I like to hit more than being hit anyway (laugh)."

* Walker on the transition from high school to college: "The transition has been easier than I thought it was going to be. I am getting so much help from the coaching staff and veterans. They just make it so easy for us to do well out there."

* Walker on how practice is going for him: "I think it is going pretty good. I think I have made a couple of big plays. I think I can do better because I still have to learn the plays, and I have to get adjusted to it. It is real complicated, but I think I will get there."

* Allen on the biggest adjustments he has had to make during practices: "The biggest thing I have had to make adjustment to is the speed of the game. The plays are also more complicated. But I get a lot of help from my coaches and teammates so it is a lot more easier if I were not getting any help."

* Walker on what he is trying to accomplish during two a days: "I am just trying to learn my plays and do my best that I can. The plays are more complicated, but I still got a lot of help."

* Allen on what he does well on the field: "I feel like I am athletically there. Now do not get my wrong, I do not think I am the best out there, but I think I have the skills to be one of the better players one day."

* Walker on what he feels like he needs to work on before the season kicks off: "I feel like I have to get more experience. I have been practicing every day, but I do not know what it feels like to be in a game. The tempo in the games is nothing like practice, from what they tell me."

* Allen on the team: "I feel like everybody is doing real good. We are working hard every day. Everybody is competing and doing good."

*Walker on his recruiting class: "It has been real good. We stayed in the dorm together, so we have basically spent all day everyday together. It has been real easy because we got a lot of guys that you like. We all get along. We have not had any problems with one another. And as far as talent wise, man, I have never been around a group like this. It does not even compare to the MS/AL All-Star talent. I thought at those mini-camps there was a lot of talent out there, but this is just a whole another level. We really think we are going to win some championships before we leave here."

* Allen on his temmate, Jamal Harvey: "First thing that comes to my mind is his game. He is on another level than everybody else. I just want to get to his level before I leave. Personally, I think he is going to be an All-American before he leaves here. He is the best player I have ever played with. And as a person, he is just so humble. Jamal is my kind of cat. We just clicked from the start. We think we can do a lot of things here."

* S Jamal Harvey on Oxford: "It took some getting use to at first. I mean, where I come from, it is real fast pace. But here, you kind of have to look for things to do. But I have learned to like the laid back style here. It's straight."

* Jamal on the transition from high school to college: "Really, it is not harder. Football is just football."

* Harvey on the biggest adjustment he has had to make: "I am in the learning phase. When you come in, you think it will be real easy, but it is really more complicated than most people think."

* Jamal on what he is trying to get accomplished during two a days: "I just want to help the team out. I want to do what ever I can for the team. I am not trying to be a stand out guy at what ever position. I am just trying to do my role."

* Harvey on which safety slot he is playing: "Strong safety."

* Jamal on where he falls on the depth chart: "I have been playing a lot with the 2's and 1's, but we will find all of that out after camps ends. Right now, I am just trying to learn my plays and help the team out."

* Harvey on what he has learned from the veterans: "They have taught me how to finish. They play is not ever until the whistle blows. You always hear that growing up, but on this level, they really mean it. They are teaching me a lot of stuff."

* Jamal on Allen Walker: "Allen is a cool guy. We get along real well. We mesh well. I guess you can say we have gelled well in the secondary together. It is going to be nice playing next to him for the next four years. We have a lot of big plans on what we want to get accomplished here."

* Harvey on what him and Allen want to get accomplished: "We want to be known as the top (safety) duo in the SEC. We just think we can bring a lot to the table."

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