Ole Miss eyes California lineman

Hayworth Hicks (OL, Palmdale, CA) - The Rebels had some big time success last year from the Golden State with the signatures of Brent Schaeffer, Michael Herrick, Jonathan Cornell, Corey Actis, and Jason Hawkins.

This year they have their eyes set on several California prospects uncluding Palmdale's Hayworth Hicks.

Hayworth is a 6' 3", 325 pound offensive linemen who was named 1st Team All-State as only a sophomore.

What makes him so good?

"I guess I can pull good for a guy my size. I am good at side stepping it. I have perfected it really."

Practice is well under way at Palmdale, and Hicks has one thing that he would like to accomplish before the season starts.

"Conditioning. I have to play on both sides of the ball this year. I am in way better shape than I was last year, but I still need to work on my conditioning."

Some colleges are actually recruiting Hayworth for the defensive side of the ball.

"Oregon and Washington State like me for DT, but the rest like me for the OL."

Where does Hicks believe his talents are best suited for?

"Left tackle. They tell me I need to be taller for left tackle, but that is my best position. I have really long arms. My arms are the length of someone who is 7' 2", but they still tell me I need to be taller. It does not matter what they say. I am good at left tackle. I really think that is my best position."

Which colleges are showing Hicks the most interest?

"Oregon, Ole Miss, Washington, Washington State, and Utah."

Any early offers?

"Yes, I have been offered by Oregon, Oregon State, UNLV, Ole Miss, Arizona, Arizona State, San Diego State, Washington, and Washington State."

Which colleges are at the top of Hicks' list?

"Just Oregon, Washington State, and Ole Miss."

Does he have a leader?

"Maybe Oregon. They are kind of tied with Washington State. Those are my top two. Ole Miss was the first school to offer me, and all of the rest come after that."

What stands out about Oregon?

"I heard they have a real good defense. They want me to play defensive tackle. They also send a lot of players to the league, and I like their color jerseys."

And Washington State?

"Pretty much the same thing, but they are closer to where my dad can drive to see a game."

Is staying close to home important for Hicks?

"My dad wants me to stay in the PAC 10 so he can watch the games. It does not matter to me. I have always wanted to move way away from here. I do not think it is going to be that big of a deal where ever I go."

What has Hayworth interested in Ole Miss?

"I like the fact that they were the first school to offer me. I like the coach there too. He is real cool. He came up to my school to see me in the Spring. I also heard they have a real good education program. The only thing I worry about is that I heard that they have bugs as big as my hand down there in Mississippi. That is what my dad told me. I can not deal with that. That would freak me out. But I am going to take an official visit there in the Fall to see what it is all about."

Has Hicks lined up his officials yet?

"No, I just know I will probably visit Ole Miss, Oregon, and Washington State. I might visit Utah too."

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