Darnell Williams has Mississippi ties

Darnell Williams (WR, Winter Park, FL) - Darnell had to leave Mississippi last September due to Hurricane Katrina.

It did not take him long to get use to his new team.

"I had 25 catches and 3 interceptions on defense. I did not join the team until the middle of the season. We did not get moved over here until late September," commented Darnell Williams.

The former Gulfport High standout now is focusing on his current team.

"Practice is going pretty well for us at Winter Park. Everybody is getting on the same page. We are all coming back and practicing real hard. They have really opened their arms for me here. I feel like I am at home."

Williams believes this will be his best year yet.

"I am more mobile. This year, I am at the wing and WR. I will also be playing a little bit of CB. They are going to use my talents everywhere. I just want to go at it hard during two a days. Once the season starts, I will be into the flow of things if I practice like it is a game."

What are Williams' strength at WR?

"Probably my awareness and jumping ability. Just knowing how to position myself against the defender is the biggest thing."

Who are the main colleges that are interested in Darnell?

"Ole Miss, Kentucky, Michigan State, Nebraska, and N.C. State sends me a lot of letters. Coach Sexton from FSU calls a lot. Coach Shaun from Florida calls too."

Any offers?

"Nebraska and Ole Miss have offered me."

Williams on his top schools.

"I really do not know. Right now, they are all on a level playing field. I am keeping an eye on FSU, probably Virginia and Central Florida is pretty big because they are right down the street. And Nebraska and Ole Miss have always been way up there. I still like Michigan State, Clemson is sending me a lot of stuff and Kentucky does not sound that too bad either. So, you know, it is going to be tough."

On his two offers.

"Ole Miss, I like them because I am from Gulfport. In Mississippi, you either like Ole Miss, MSU, or USM. I grew up liking Ole Miss."

"Nebraska, it is a good college. I grew up watching them too. I like the game style they have and the fan base is crazy."

On the Florida programs.

"I have family who went to FSU and family who goes there now."

"Central Florida is a good school and plus they are in the process of getting better. In the next two years, they should be in the Top 25."

"Florida is a good school. I went to their Friday Nights Light Camp. They caught my interest at their camp."

Does Darnell have any college games on tap for this Fall?

"I told Coach Jordan at Nebraska that I would take a visit up there. He is the only coach that I have talked to about it so far, but I will know all of that by September."

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