Practice Report: Tuesday

After the one-practice Media Day on Monday, the Ole Miss Rebel football team resumed their two-a-day schedule today as the countdown to the season opener with Memphis in Oxford continues. Read Coach O's comments about practice inside.

The Ole Miss Rebels went through a two-a-day schedule today and characterized the workouts as "normal."

"The kids worked very hard. Nothing unusual happened in practice, kind of a grind," said Rebel COach Ed Orgeron after today's afternoon workout. "We went in shells both practices. We did a lot of fundamental work in two two-and-a-half hour practices today.

"We are just chipping away, trying to make a little progress every day, working on some situations, still installing on offense and defense. We still have some work to do in every area."

Coach O did not sound real pleased with the progress of the defensive line, which echoed what he said in yesterday's full-blown press conference.

"Nothing is happening the way we want it to on the defensive line. We are making a little progress but it's not where we want it. We still have a lot of work to do," O continued.

Asked about DT Brandon Jenkins, who just joined the team a few days ago after missing some time while completing a class, O said he's doing "OK."

"We need him to come along. We need him to have a good year. The guy who has been very consistent up front, though, is Jeremy Garrett," Coach O stated. "He's having a solid camp with a great work ethic. He has solidified the nose tackle position but other than that, there's nothing solid up front on defense right now.

"Jeremy has a year in our program and now understands how to play nose tackle. He understands the weight room, the NT techniques and has gained maturity."

Orgeron was asked what prompted the earlier move of Garry Pack to WIll LB from Sam, and then the move back.

"The Will is in a position to make more plays in our scheme than the Sam and we were looking for the best guy there. We tried moving Garry there, but Quentin (Taylor) came to camp with a great attitude so we moved them back," Coach O explained. "We knew we could always move Garry back to Sam, plus we were expecting Rory (Johnson) to be here sooner and compete at one of those spots. That did not happen - yet.

"There is no update on Rory's status."

At wide receiver, O stuck with his guns from yesterday, citing Mike Wallace, Dexter McCluster and Marshay Green as his top guys right now, but he also threw a bone to frosh Shay Hodge, as he did yesterday.

"I expect those three to take the lead until someone else steps up. Dexter did it today. Everytime he touches the ball, he does something with it," said Coach O. "Shay is a good receiver. We really like his skills and his hands."

Asked if frosh OG John Jerry has been cleared yet, O sid "no." Jerry is practicing under a 14-day stipulation that allows players who have been accepted by the university to practice for that amount of time while they are being cleared by the NCAA.

"We think we are going to get an answer on his situation before we would have to pull him out of practice," O added. "We are on top of that."

Asked how frustrating the eligiblity status of the players in doubt is, O said he can't focus on that right now.

"That's not my focus. My focus is on practice," he said, but it was apparent he is anxious about the situation with Jerrell Powe, Rory Johnson and the others.

That anxiety is also permeating through the Rebel fan base. It's a daily ritual now - "anything new on Rory and Jerrell?" The answer, today, is still "no," but have no fear, it will be asked again tomorrow.

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