Jamie Newberg on Coach Ed Orgeron

One of the country's more well respected recruiting analysts, Jamie Newberg, named Ole Miss' Ed Orgeron his "Recruiter of the Year" last year. Why?

"I don’t mean to sound like I am kissing butt here, but there are a lot of great recruiters out there, head coaches that have been around the block a few times and know their way around a living room. The easy answer is USC’s Pete Carroll because of what his program has done in the recruiting wars over the past few seasons. And lets face it, they are the recruiting power in the country," Newberg noted. "Of course there are other names like Mack Brown (Texas), Urban Meyer (Florida), Phillip Fulmer (Tennessee), Bob Stoops (Oklahoma), and Ron Zook (Illinois) to just name a few. Then you have Bobby Bowden (FSU) and Joe Paterno (Penn State) that still carry so much clout. Ole Miss Head Coach Ed Orgeron brings intensity and enthusiasm.

"But based on what they have to work with and where there program is at this time, Ole Miss Head Coach Ed Orgeron would have been my “Recruiter of the Year” last season," stated Newberg.

"Orgeron was tireless and efficient and the Rebels finished with the No. 15 rated recruiting class in the nation last year. That’s unchartered waters in Oxford but something that the college football world better get used to because you better believe that Ed Orgeron is going to go out and sign great prospects."

"Orgeron came from USC where he was the recruiting coordinator under Carroll. There he orchestrated the Trojan magic before he took over at Ole Miss. He sports four national championship rings (two with Miami and two with USC) and has coached guys like Warren Sapp, Cortez Kennedy and Russell Maryland. Orgeron has the coaching experience and he really knows how to work the mojo with the kids, coaches and their families. But to make it all work you have to work," Newberg continued. "And to be at a school like Ole Miss, you have to outwork everyone else in the most vicious league (SEC) in terms of recruiting. You also have to understand the significance of recruiting and what it means to really building your program. Orgeron gets “it” and he has the unique ability to make everyone else (his staff and everyone in the program) believe. The bottom line is that Ole Miss has given him resources, facilities, and a very good staff. Orgeron is a leader and he has all the intangibles for being a great recruiter and motivator. With this combination he becomes a tough foe for anyone and Ole Miss is working just as hard or harder at recruiting than any team in the nation.

"The Rebels are yelling once again this recruiting season and are off to a super start. Fans are giddy about the talent he’s bringing to Oxford. But with great recruiting classes come great expectations and Orgeron will have to live up to all the hype he’s bringing to the Ole Miss Rebels. Just ask Ron Zook."

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