Rebs have work cut out for 4 Star LB

Chris Donald (LB, Huntingdon, TN) - One of the nations top linebackers had Ole Miss high on his list but things have taken a U Turn for the worst.

"Tennessee and Notre Dame are pretty much it now," stated Chris Donald.

What stands out about each schools?

Tennessee - "Just the fan base and their coaches and their program up in Tennessee. Playing for your home school would be pretty exciting."

Notre Dame
- "They have great tradition and great coaches. Their LB coach is also recruiting me. I have a little bond with him."

Anybody else still in the picture?

"Just them two. I have narrowed it down already. The coaches start calling us again in two weeks, so I have to have my mind set on that. If not, it will get all crazy again."

Donald had planned on bringing his mother with him to Ole Miss this summer but the plans never transpired.

"Things came up, I guess. I have been there a few times before. I know their campus and game atmosphere. I kind of felt like that is all I had to see. I guess they are not out of the picture, but I figure I will stay with my top two."

Will Chris take his official visits in the fall or after his season is over?

"I will try to take one to Tennessee during the season and Notre Dame during the season. I may take some other visits, but I am for sure going to visit those two schools."

When will he set up his officials?

"I am going to get to that in about two weeks. I know I want to visit Tennessee for either the first game or against Florida for their homecoming. I know I will take those two visits."

For now, Chris has shifted his focus towards his senior season.

"Practice is going good. Everybody got in a lot better shape. I have been hitting the weights pretty hard. I want to show better leadership, being a senior and all. I want to keep the team up and show them how to do it. We are trying to win another championship."

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