Practice Report: Wednesday

The Ole Miss Rebels continued their drive toward the season opener versus Memphis September 3 with a practice in the stadium today. Freshman OG John Jerry was cleared by the NCAA and practiced with the team. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron had some good news today.

Freshman Offensive Guard John Jerry, who was elevated to starting status at RG last Saturday, was cleared to play at Ole Miss by the NCAA this afternoon. He returned to practice today after having to sit out yesterday's workout.

"John Jerry is eligible and we are very happy about that. So was he," said Orgeron. "We told him this afternoon and he was ready to go. So many things are happening right now, I didn't have time to exhale on that one, but I'm definitely happy about it. We figured all along he should be here, but it's good to hear officially."

The Rebel coaches introduced the team to their first look at some Memphis "stuff" today.

"We practiced just a little bit on Memphis today, trying to get used to using the service team and to get the first simulation of Memphis," Coach O noted.

Yes, it's only day two of hte Rory Johnson watch - the JUCO linebacker who joined the team yesterday, but did O see any progress in Johnson's second outing?

"Rory made some good plays today. You can tell that once he learns the defense that he is going to be the type of LB we anticipated," stated Coach O. "He has a great attitude and is very happy to be here. I don't think it will take him long to learn the playbook. What we have to judge is how long it takes him to really get comfortable and functional in the defense. I think he will know what to do, but when will he really get it all down pat? We plan on playing him quickly. He's going to help us immediately."

Coach O said the placekicking hasn't changed much in the last few days - it's still a back-and-forth battle between freshman Joshua Shene and RS freshman Justin Sparks, with no clear frontrunner.

It's fairly stable that the starting offensive line will be, left to right, Michael Oher, Andrew Wicker, Thomas Eckers, John Jerry and Darryl Haris. But who will be the sixth, seventh and eighth guys?

"Mo Miller, Corey Actis and maybe one or two more, but those two for now," Coach O noted briefly.

Asked about the progress of the young wide receivers, O mentioned three who have looked OK.

"Shay Hodge is doing alright. Dexter McCluster is still doing OK. Kendrick Lewis had a couple of good catches today," he closed.

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