Practice Report: Thursday

In just 10 days, the Ole Miss Rebel football team will see the first results of a lot of hard work over the past eight months when they square off with season-opening foe Memphis in Oxford. Read about today's practice effort inside as the daily countdown heads rapidly toward single digits.

10 days and counting.

When the days until the season opener gets into single digits, you know it's time for football!

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron put the team through another heavy-lifting day today.

"We went out today, and finished a pretty good week of work, in three days. We went over a lot of situations today, two minute drills, just a lot of situations that may come up in a game," commented Rebel head coach, Ed Orgeron.

When will the Memphis game preparation start?

"We will start working on Memphis on Monday."

Which positions have caught Coach O's eye?

"I am excited about the QB position. I am excited about our defensive backfield. I am excited about #49. I am excited about our tight ends. All of these positions have really stood out. But they are the same ones who have been standing out."

And which positions need the most work?

"We still need a lot of improvement on both sides of the line of scrimmage. We are very thin there, and we need improvement at the WR positions."

Have any new DT stood out in practices this week?

"Nothing, nobody. We are just battling. We are very thin there, and we have some inexperienced guys. We are just battling (to get better)."

Has Chris Bowers gotten back on the practice field this week?

"We are just battling on the defensive line."

How has Cecil Frison's transition from DE to DT gone?

"He is doing all right. He is out of position. He is too light to play DT but I like him. He is tough, but that is how thin we are at DT. He is playing 2nd team DT. He came in as a TE that weighed 230 pounds."

Have the team captains been named for the Memphis game?

"No, you got any suggestions (laugh). I am sure a few would probably like to see 49 as one of them (laugh)."

Are there any walk on kickers in the mix?

"No, same guys."

Who won the battle at place kicker today?

"(Justin) Sparks had a good day, real good day. Sparks did well. Sparks did the better job."

Could the place kicking duties come down to a game time decision?

"Yes, nobody has taken it over. This could go on all throughout the season. We have got to have some good days in a row and things have been really inconsistent."

Has Rory been everything he was billed to be?

"Yes, he is pretty good, pretty good. He struggled a little bit today. The heat got to him a little bit today. Conditioning is a factor right now. Everybody is just ahead of him in that respect. He has the whole defense to learn. Rory has basically played two practices. But you can see some flashes of a big time player in him."

The Rebels had one player who left the team this morning.

"Rogers Loche left this morning. He decided to leave. He is going to transfer. I am not going to get into anything else on the matter. He is not going to be an Ole Miss Rebel. We wish him nothing but the best."

The Rebels seem to be well stacked at the running back position this season but are inexperienced at the receiver positions. Could this alter the offensive game planning?

"It may. It all depends. We are going to see how they respond in the first game. We will find out a lot about them during Memphis. We will make adjustments from there. But yes, we will always play to our strengths."

Have any of the young wide receivers stood out in this week's practices?

"Dexter (McCluster) has been really consistent. He made some big plays out there today. Shay Hodge and Kendrick Lewis. They are doing all right."

Can there be too many potential candidates for the rotation at receiver?

"We are not going to use a rotation. We are going to play the best players. We will give them a rest when they need it, but we are not going to have a set rotation. I am not a rotation guy. I would like to see 2 to 3 guys earn their spot. I want 2 to 3 guys who are so good we can not take them out of the game. That is what I would like to see."

Is there a time frame on when Coach Orgeron will make a decision to redshirt or not redshirt?

"I guess by the 4th game, but we are thin now. We can not even think about redshirting anybody. We are so thin, especially along the lines and linebacker. We are going to play everybody. You just can not tell right now. We are not even two deep along the defensive line."

Is Hayward Howard back at DT?

"He is playing the defensive line. We just do not know yet."

The Rebels will practice tomorrow at the same time but practices remain closed.

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