Jeramie Griffin remains solid with Ole Miss

Jeramie Griffin (LB, South Panola, MS) - One of the top fullback prospects in the country committed to the University of Mississippi early in the recruiting process and is still solid with his decision.

"I grew up going to Ole Miss games. I have always dreamed of running out of that tunnel with all of their crazy fans cheering me on. I have been going over there since I was a little kid. Ole Miss is where my heart is. I can't wait to get over there," added Jeramie Griffin.

What else attracted Griffin to Ole Miss?

"Their coaching staff and facilities. I just love how hyped up their staff is everytime I talk to them. I also like their set up over there with their facilities. They are all together and new. You can't beat that. And plus, I got all my boys over there playing and a couple more who are coming with me. We want to win a championship on the next level together."

How big of a role did having his teammates, Chris Strong and LeRoy Diggs, committed to Ole Miss have with Jeramie's decision?

"It helped, but I would have wanted to go to Ole Miss if they were coming or not. It just feels like home over there."

Early commitments are non-binding, so that has not stopped competing schools from trying to change Griffin's mind. Offers from LSU and MSU came in this summer and there are other schools who are in heavy pursuit of this talented running back.

"I get a lot of stuff from Alabama, Auburn, and Tennessee too. I am getting letters from all over the country, but those schools seem to be the ones that are closest to offering me."

Will Jeramie take any official visits besides Ole Miss?

"Ole Miss has encouraged me to take some visits. They told me that they have nothing to hide, and they want me to compare what they have to everybody else. They said that they have the best campus, staff, and facilities in the country, so they tell me to do as I please. I have not set up anything, but I might go check out a few places. I really have not given any of that a whole lot of thought."

What Jeramie has thought about is the season at hand.

"Man, we are fired up for Friday. We play our biggest rival, Clarksdale. You know, it is the best against the best. We can not wait to try and four peat. We want to set the state record for most wins in a row. If we win out this season, we set all of the records. We have never lost a game since I have been here, and we do not plan to lose one before we lose. That is why they call us, The University of South Panola (laugh)."

Last season the 6' 0", 230 pounder moved to FB after playing TB his sophomore season.

"It was a tough transition but I really got use to it. I had over 1, 100 rushing and 14 TD's, and we had three backmates rush for over a 1, 000 yards, so it was not like we were getting the ball all of the time. But none of us minded. We just wanted to win. I do not care where they put me at in college. I just want to be on the field."

Does Griffin look forward to moving back to tailback this season?

"I really do, but like I said, I just want to do what is ever best for the team. But having me, LeRoy, and Darrius Barksdale in the same backfield is going to be a lot of fun. We think we are the best backfield in the country."

And who could argue?

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