LeRoy Diggs talks about his commitment to OM

LeRoy Diggs (CB, South Panola, MS) - One of the more explosive players in the state of Mississippi committed to the Rebels early in the recruiting process. But like many early commitments, Diggs still has yet to completely shut down the door with his recruitment.

"I am still committed to Ole Miss, but I am not going to close all of my options yet. Ole Miss is a great school and a great place to go, but I just want to make sure I am making the right decision," added the '05 District 6(5A) Player of the Year, Leroy Diggs.

What questions need to be answered for Diggs to know he has made the right choice?

"I am just weighing my options. There really is nothing Ole Miss can do to close my options. I just have not totally made up my mind yet. I am comfortable with my decision for now, but you never know what is going to happen six months from now."

Have anymore schools, besides Ole Miss, caught LeRoy's eye?

"Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida."

What does Diggs like about each program?

"I just like North Carolina's team but it is kind of far away. I get a lot of letters from Tennessee and Florida. I like how Tennessee plays and everything. I really do not know too much about Florida. I just like their team. I talked to Coach Woods from Alabama at one of our practices one time. I would not mind going to school there."

Diggs stated in the past that he had made a pack with his teammates, Jeramie Griffin and Chris Strong, that they would all play together on the next level. Is that still important?

"Yes sir, real important. We have been playing together all through the years together. We have said all along we were going to stay together where ever we go. We said a long time ago we wanted to go to either Ole Miss, MSU, or Alabama. It looks like Ole Miss is going to be that school now, but one of them is for sure going to be that school."

Did Diggs take in any unofficial visits this summer?

"I went over to Ole Miss' senior camp, and I have caught a few of their practices. Me and Chris actually were over there last Saturday for their scrimmage. Jeramie was coming with us but his Uncle passed away and he had to go to his funeral. They have a tight team and a lot of good cornerbacks. But other than that, I have not been anywhere. I have just been working out with my team."

Leroy has been one of the more dangerous weapons around the country as he has led South Panola to a 28 - 0 record in the past two seasons. As a junior, he had over 2, 300 yards of offense and 31 TD's.

What is he trying to accomplish during the preseason camp?

"I am working on my passing and working hard to get better at everything I do. I have been working on my snaps. We had some problems in the Spring, but we have it all together now."

Has LeRoy set any personal goals?

"I just want to get better and win 4 (state championships) in a row."

LeRoy will have a new teammate in the backfield this year.

"Darrius Barksdale has moved over to tailback with Jeramie (Griffin). We are pretty good in our backfield. I might be biased, but we feel like we are the best in the country."

There has also been another position switch from one of the Tiger's top players.

"Quin Sanford has moved to center. We have a good relationship on the field. In the Spring, that was my first time to be under him. We had some problems with our snaps at first, but we got that taken care of. He is just like Josh Boren. Quin is a great player and a great center that makes his blocks."

And lastly, the Tigers added one more weapon to their offense this Spring.

"Rodrick Jefferson came over from North Delta. He is a great WR; a go to WR. Him and Montez Austin are both go to WR's. We feel like we have the best pair of receivers in the state. We have no excuses because we are loaded everywhere."

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