Michael Herrick is waiting for his time

Michael Herrick (QB, Valencia, CA) - California's All-Time leading passer (11,003 yards) came into Ole Miss with little fan fare due to the signature of Brent Schaeffer.

Has that put a damper on his arrival to Ole Miss?

"Not at all. It was probably the exact opposite. It allowed me to come in without being under the microscope. I can just do my thing, keep getting better and better, and learn from a great quarterback like Brent. What else could I ask for?", stated the always quiet but confident Michael Herrick.

Coming from California to Mississippi is not any easy transition for most, but for Herrick, football is just football.

"The lifestyle is real different. Everything is a little slower, but other than lifestyle, football is still the same. The guys on the team like Brent Schaeffer are really great to me. This is what I always wanted, to play college football in the South because it is so important down here. It has been fun, and the people down here are just so friendly. You always hear that when you are out West, that the Southerners are friendly, but it is even more so than they say. And all of the pretty girls do not hurt either (laugh)."

Michael arrived in June and got acclimated to his surroundings, both on and off the field.

"I got here in early June. We had summer workouts, which gave me a chance to get in a rhythm with the offense and offensive receivers. I really got a taste of what all of this is going to be like before two a days started. That has really helped me out a lot. I got a chance to take two tough classes, so that is going to give me a leg up on my freshman year, academically. Getting here early for school was critical in the process of me getting to where I need to be."

How have practices gone for Michael?

"It is going good. I am learning a lot from Brent. He is doing such a good job for us. I can not say enough about how much Brent has helped me develop as a QB. He had his own game to get adjusted too, but he continues to help me learn the system and gives me pointers on how to become a better QB. Coach Werner has really taught me a lot too. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time here. This is a little bit different than high school, so I am taking it all in my freshman year."

How tough has it been from being the man on the high school level to being a small fish in a big pond?

"I really do not think about that too much. I just try to get better everyday. I am trying to learn the offense and get myself ready in case they call my name, so I will be ready to go. Anyway I can help the team. I love to throw the ball, and I love football. I am just out there to have some fun."

Now that Michael has practiced against SEC caliber players; what will he have to work on?

"Just the game of football in the college South is a lot faster. The reads are a lot quicker. The terminology is a little different. My high school football team had fairly easy terminology, so I am trying to get all of that down and soak up as much as I can. It is going fast. Everything is just so fast on this level, especially in the SEC, because there are a lot of great players."

Is the talent level a bigger jump than first anticipated?

"They are definitely a lot better than high school players (laugh) a lot better. We have some good players on this team. We are doing well and working hard to make each other better and do the best we can."

Michael signed with one of the top recruiting classes in the country. Is the class everything it was hyped up to be?

"When I got here this summer, I was pretty much amazed at how good the players were fromour class. We stayed together in the doors and really got to know each other. They are a bunch of great guys and great players too. Some are going to come in and make an immediate impact this season, while others are going to be role players and make our starters better by the way we practice. In the meantime, we will be learning as much as we can. I love all the guys. I love how everybody treats one another on this team. We are a very tight group. Everybody gets a long real well and is working harder to improve their game and also the team's."

What are some goals Michael would like to achieve his freshman year?

"I just want to get better, definitely. I have to get a lot bigger. I know that. That is a big thing for me, probably the biggest. I am a little skinny right now but I am working on that. I just want to get bigger and better and learn as much as I can so when they call my name, I am ready to go."

What does Herrick currently weigh and what does he want to weigh by next season?

"I am 180 right now, and I want to get to 195 by the start of next year. I need to bulk up a lot and get some more muscle on me so I can take those hits from the big SEC players. If I can put on a good 15 pounds a year, I will be in good shape because I am going to really learn this offense and we have a lot of great young WR's here. There are nothing but big things ahead for us. We all know it might take a little time, but once we all get a little experience, I think we are going to do big things here."

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