Ole Miss commit makes game winning tackle

Isaiah Smith (LB, Columbia, TN) - There is nothing like starting out your season with a double overtime victory over your arch rivals.

"That was some game. We both started out so slow. We scored in the first period and again in the 3rd quarter to make it 14-0. But we had a couple of turnovers and Springhill came back and tied it. We scored on a deep out to make it 22-14 and then they scored right before the end of the game and got the two point conversion. They surprised up because they won the coin toss but elected to take the ball first. Well, they ended up scoring and getting the two point conversion. We got the ball back and scored on 4th and goal on a corner fade to our receiver. Then we got the two point conversion. That sent it into double overtime," commented Isaiah Smith.

Double overtime is where the Ole Miss commit stood tallest.

"They were facing 4th down, but I guess they did not want to put that much pressure on their field goal kicker, so they went for it. I caught their player short of the first down line and we took the ball over. We kicked the field goal in double overtime to win the game. It was great, but it really caught all of our attention. We have a lot of work to do."

And what does Smith and his teammates need to work on?

"I am going to have to pursue to the ball better. I was cramping up. At first, I was doing real good, but then it tampered off because I was cramping. I have to get in better condition. I also need to read the plays faster. And our team has to learn how to put a team away when we get the lead. If we have a chance to make it a blow out, we have to do it, so they do not come back on us like they did. It almost cost us the game."

What were Isaiah's stats for the game?

"Offensively, I caught 2 passes for 42 yards. I caught a deep pass to set up our second TD, and I ran a screen play. Defensively, I had 10 tackles and three of them were for losses."

Smith committed to Ole Miss last month after taking in an unofficial visit; has anything changed with his commitment status?

"Not at all. I am still very committed to Ole Miss. I went on my first visit the day after their senior camp. A few of us that missed the camp worked out in front of them and they offered me a scholarship on the spot. That told me they really had confidence in my game. I went home from that visit wanting to commit, but I told myself I wanted to research them a little further. I took both of my parents down there for another visit last month and that is when I decided that I had seen enough. I did a lot of research on Coach Orgeron and what he did with Miami's and USC's defense. He is a great defensive coach, and I am a defensive player. Ole Miss is just the best fit for me."

Many committed players still want to take in official visits to competing schools but not Isaiah.

"They told me to go on some visits if I wanted to, but once I thought about it, I just decided I had already seen enough. I have already visited Alabama, Tennessee, Memphis, Vandy, and a bunch more schools. They did not compare to Ole Miss, so why go again?"

Choosing an out of state program over the instate college can be hard for some players, but so far so good for Smith.

"All of our hometown Tennessee fans tell me they wish me the best, but they were hoping I went to Tennessee instead. But they have been good about it. They tell me at least I picked a good school."

And what about the Tennessee staff?

"They wrote me a letter after I committed saying I still had a spot, and they faxed our school a letter the day before our season opener wishing me good luck."

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