PG set to visit Ole Miss this weekend

Keegan Bell (PG, Hazel Green, AL) -'s #23 nationally ranked point guard committed to Georgia back in January but has since had second thoughts and is now back on the market.

"I just was not 110% sure. I felt like I made too quick of a decision. I have a bad habit about that, especially with girls (laugh). I get into something, and then like two weeks later, I am like what in the world did you do. I liked Georgia, but then I said maybe I wanted to see some other places. I talked to my dad, and he said if I was not 110% sure, I needed to look around. I did it (decommitted), and it was the best decision I ever made. It showed me some different angles to everybody," stated the always excited Keegan Bell.

Bell averaged 25 points and 11 assists per game his junior season and was named 1st Team All-State (6A), All-Metro, and All-Area. This led to him being billed as Alabama's #1 point guard prospect for the '07 class. Why?

"I do not see myself as a traditional point guard. I see myself as a Steve Nash type of guard. I am a scoring point guard, but I love to dish the ball. I am a fancy kind of player. I love to dish and shoot the ball with some flare to it. Some people say I remind them of a young Pistol Pete, but I am no where in his league, do not get me wrong."

What will Keegan need to work on for the next level?

"I am always working on my shoot, but I am really trying to work on getting to the lane more. I do not think point guards do that enough. I am also working on my defense. I want to make people go where I need them to go and be a lock down defender."

Keegan had high expectations for his junior season but things turned South towards the end of the season, and he has decided to start over with a new school.

"We had a really athletic team last year, but some of our players got in trouble, and we did not go as far as I hoped. I actually left Bob Jones, and I am at Hazle Green High now. It is a completely different atmosphere here. Madison was a rich town that had a lot of athletes that wanted everything handed to them. This is kind of a country town, and we have a lot of tough guys here. We have good chemistry. The fans are crazy. The community is totally behind us. It is kind of like Hoosiers. The kids here are so tough, and you can not teach toughness. They have the will to win, so I am fired up about my new team."

Bell is also very excited about his new AAU team.

"I play for the Georgia Hurricanes. I played for S' East Elite last summer, but I switched after I went to the ABCD camp and played with Jody Meeks who signed with Kentucky. He introduced me to the Hurricane's coach, and we played some back yard ball. I just had so much playing with them that I decided to join their team. We have so many great players like (3G) Zach Graham, (SF) Jordan DeMercy, (PG) Tony Neysmith, and just so many more. They are a lot of fun to be around."

Now that Keegan has reopened his commitment; which colleges are in the running?

"I have lined up three official visits to Ole Miss (9/2), LSU (9/9), and Vandy (9/16). I have not made up my mind if I will visit Georgia or not. Oklahoma, Illinois, and Missouri have kind of been on my mind. I want to look into them a little further and see what they are all about. I have not set up a visit with them yet, but they want me to come check them out."

Which programs have offered Bell?

"I have offers from Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, LSU, Vandy, and Illinois. When I committed to Georgia, some kind of backed off, but those are the ones that have been serious with me since I reopened my recruitment."

What stands out about each program?

"I actually went on an unofficial visit to Ole Miss last year. I liked it up there, but I did not feel I would fit into their system right. I am an up tempo guy, so I committed to Georgia. When I decommitted to Georgia this summer, I gave Coach White a call because he was always my favorite coach who was recruiting me. He has been one of the best guys I have ever dealt with. I think he really knows the game, but he still is just a real guy. He introduced me to Coach Kennedy, and he is like no other college coach I have been around. Coach Kennedy makes you feel so comfortable and trustworthy, but at the same time, he is always joking around and keeping everybody loose. He also has a very friendly PG system which is a big plus in my eyes. I watched him at Cinci and liked his style. I just think their staff is full of great guys. When you are around them, they have so much energy and excitement. You just feel like there is nothing that is going to stop them from getting to the top."

"LSU had just a fantastic run last year. When I watched them play, they were always having a blast. They were always smiling, and I am happy go lucky person. I think Coach Brady is one of those different guys. We just have that connection. My dad also use to coach at N' Western LA, so it would be neat to rejoin some of my old ties to that state."

"Vandy is just a great school. I have been following them for years. Their guys are great. They have made me feel really welcomed."

"Alabama and Auburn, I have no interest in them at all."

"Missouri has the former UAB coach up there now, so you know they are going to push it up and down the court. Who would not want to play for coach (Anderson)? Plus, they play in a great conference."

"Oklahoma is a great program and they also have a new coach who likes to push it. They have really been recruiting me hard lately, so I might check them out."

Keegan carries a 3.38 GPA and a 24 ACT.

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