T.J. Borcky talks about his trip to OM

T.J. Borcky (QB, Orlando, FL) - The 6' 4", 195 pound signal caller out of Lake Highland had a disappointing start to his season last Friday.

"We lost the game on the last possession. They scored on the last drive to win by five. We had a lot of injuries, a lot of cramping, and I actually separated my non-throwing shoulder too. It is a grade 2 separation, so I will be back next week. It is nothing serious. I just have a bad habit of not knowing when to slide or get out of bounds. In the heat of the moment, sometimes I forget I am a QB and not a LB (laugh)," stated T.J. Borcky.

Lake Highland's offense is predicated by the run, so Borcky did not get that many opportunities to throw the ball.

"I do not know what my stats were, but I only had like 8 pass attempts. We are a running team. I know I had over a 100 yards rushing though."

What makes T.J. an effective QB?

"Probably my knowledge of our offense. Like our opening drive on Friday, I checked out of every play and we had a 10 play 80 yard drive. I can make the right checks. I can make good decisions on my feet in the heat of the moment."

Borcky had a chance to take in an unofficial visit to Ole Miss for their scrimmage last Saturday.

"It was amazing. I love all of their coaches. It is a great atmosphere. I just fell in love with it. I know my parents did too, and that is going to play a big factor in my decision."

Did both of T.J.'s parents accompany him on his visit?

"Yes sir, my mother has always said Ole Miss was her favorite school to visit. She grew up in Memphis and went to Memphis State, so she has been over there a bunch."

What did Borcky learn about Ole Miss during his trip that maybe he did not know from before?

"I did not figure the community was into their football like that. Even the scrimmage had a few thousand people there. I did not know it would be that crazy."

And what stood out the most?

"The coaching staff. They are real energetic. They will get you up and going. My dad is a coach, so I know that it can be hard, but they know how to push the right buttons to get their players motivated."

Which colleges are the main schools involved in T.J.'s recruitment?

"I have an offer from Cincinnati and Army. Memphis is real close. They offered Dallas Walker, and I know they have Cannon Smith committed, but Coach Helton said they were going to watch the first three games of my season and make a final decision. Coach Hypol from Oklahoma came to a practice and said he would be calling when September 1st gets here (1st day coaches can contact the players by phone). I hope to hear from him. Colorado State, I have been talking to Coach Lubick every week. They are just waiting right now, so I am waiting to see how that pans out."

Coach Lubick's son, Matt Lubick, is an assistant coach at Ole Miss.

"Coach Lubick from Ole Miss actually talked about me to his dad, and they sent them some film on me. That is when Colorado State started text messaging me. They said to make sure I get up there for an official visit at Colorado State."

Has Borcky set up any official visits?

"No sir, but I will probably start doing that when they start calling us (on September 1st)."

The Rebels have targeted Stephen Garcia for the QB slot and T.J. is aware of this.

"They offered Garcia. They said they are going to stay true to him, but if he tells them they are not in his Top 3, they are going to offer me. He told them they are still in his Top 3, and I also talked to Stephen a couple of weeks ago, and he said he was going to wait a long time before making a decision. I am just waiting on him to see what he does."

Does that make it awkward with T.J. knowing his competitor is holding him up from getting an offer?

"Yes sir, definitely. I completely understand though. I respect the fact that they are staying true to their word with Garcia. I think that is kind of neat. Me and Stephen have been to about 5 camps together, but I have never mentioned any of this to him. I have been kind of hesitant to ask him, so I have no idea if he knows about all of this or not. I just asked him how recruiting was going one time, and he said it was going to be a long time before he made a decision. I wish him nothing but the best though."

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