GA hoops star set to visit OM this weekend

Jordan DeMercy (SF, Norcross, GA) - The 6' 7", 195 pound small forward transferred from Greater Atlanta Christian school to Norcross (GA) following his sophomore season. The school district ruled him ineligible.

"That was tough. I had to play on the JV team for a year. And what was so bad is that our varsity team won State, so to watch it from the bench every game, that was probably the toughest time I have ever had to go through," added Jordan DeMercy.

DeMercy averaged over 20 points a game as a sophomore and hopes to build on that success during his senior year.

"I am a real good shooter and I jump pretty well. Those are my biggest strengths. I am really looking forward to this season. I just can not wait to get started. We are in our third week of preseason drills. Everybody is just looking forward to defending our crown."

Most college recruiters see Jordan as a small forward, but some see him as a shooting guard.

"They tell me I could play a little of both. I am more of a combo guy."

If there were one of two things Jordan would like to improve on; what would they be?

"My ball handling and shooting it a little bit better."

Jordan plays for the Georgia Hurricanes (AAU) and plans to take an official visit to the University of Mississippi with his teammate, Keegan Bell.

"That is one of my really good friends, really my best friend. We really clicked this summer, and we talk every day on the phone about our recruitment. We went over to Vandy last Friday, and we are going to Ole Miss this weekend for our official visit."

How important is it for the two to play together on the next level?

"That is our main goal, but if it does not work out, we will remain good friends. But that is our main goal."

Who else will Jordan take an official visit with this Fall?

"I am going to FSU on September 16th, Vandy on September 23rd, and George Mason on September 30th."

Have each of these schools offered DeMercy a scholarship?

"Yes sir."

What stands out about FSU?

"They play in the ACC for starters. They started talking to me right after my season. If I go there, they are telling me my freshman year I would get a little playing time, and then they said my sophomore year I would play a big role if I work on my strength and get bigger."

And Ole Miss?

"I have not been on their campus yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it this weekend. They have been recruiting me since the middle of June. The SEC is another big time conference. I like their coaches too. I could help turn their program around and get in a lot of minutes my freshman year."

What are Vandy's positives?

"We went out there on Friday for an unofficial visit. Keegan came with me. We played with their players. I enjoyed the guys there. Their coaches showed us around town. We went out to eat downtown that night. Their coaches could not come with us, but they wanted us to get a feel for what it is like in downtown Nashville. It is the same situation as Ole Miss, I would get in a lot of minutes my freshman year."

What about George Mason?

"I flew out of Nashville on Saturday and spent the next two days at George Mason. I played Saturday night with their team. I played well. I really like the guys up there. Their coaches made me feel at home. Going up there probably boosted my level of interest a lot."

While Jordan is on his visit tour, what will he be looking for?

"Their campus and how close I am with their coaches. I also want to see how well I fit in with their players. Can I see myself playing with them for a couple of years?"

Jordan carries a 2.8 GPA / 19 ACT.

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