Practice Report: Friday

The Ole Miss Rebels went through their normal "Thursday" practice of game week today (Friday). The Rebs, who face Memphis Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in the 2006 season opener, were in shorts and were going half-speed through assignments and sitautions in a polishing day. Read about it inside.

The Ole Miss Rebel football team is less than 48 hours away from their season opener against Memphis Sunday in vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

In their last full practice of the week, Coach Ed Orgeron put the team through a polishing practice, where they were in shorts and shirts and basically went through situations, substitutions and assignments.

"This was like a Thursday practice today. We didn't have any gear on today, just shorts. We worked on special teams and you could just feel the intensity starting to grow, which is good," said Orgeron. "We want to see the momentum starting to build on Thursdays and I saw that. Tomorrow, we will do our walk-through and head to the hotel. Sunday, we will be ready to go."

Orgeron was asked to throw the media, and fans, a bone and tell us who he has decided on for the placekicking job. He said he couldn't - yet.

"We haven't decided yet. We really haven't. We had a little kickoff, a kicking contest, today and it was tic-and-tac between Joshua Shene and Justin Sparks," he explained. "We will have to meet as a staff and decide pretty quickly, but we haven't yet."

Earlier in the week, Orgeron had mentioned that some other personnel decisions were yet to be made also.

"I think we are set going into the game at each position. We have a plan on who we are going to use and how we are going to use them," he allowed. "We really don't know how much of a rotation we are going to have because of our lack of depth at some positions. Our rotation will be based on need. We won't have a set rotation in some areas because of our depth situation."

Coach O expounded on the special teams work from today and how he feels about those units.

"I feel good about the kickoff team. I feel good about punt return and kickoff return. I believe we have made progress on our punting, but that may be a work in progress all year," he noted. "We have some days when our field goal kickers have been great. We have also seen some days when they have been not so great. We will have to see how they perform under pressure.

"I'm excited about the speed in our return game. I think we have some guys who can do some things with the football."

Coach O was asked if anyone would miss the game due to injury. He had a one-word answer.

"No," he said.

Asked if he was at liberty to say anything about today's university release about the Jerrell Powe position, Orgeron said he was not.

The media was informed that Jerrell is now considered a recruitable athlete (prospect)again, based on his enrollment status, and coaches cannot comment, by NCAA rule, on recruitable athletes.

The Rebs will have a walk-through tomorrow. There will be no practice report.

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