Monday Practice Report

Fresh off a huge win over Memphis, the Rebels did not rest on their laurels Monday. Two position switches were the highlight of today's practice. To find out who they are, read below

Rebel head coach, Ed Orgeron, came into the media room with a confident and relaxed look.

"We had a good practice today. I watched the film from our offense, defense, and special teams. We went out there today to make some corrections that we saw, and we went over a couple of Missouri plays. Not much, but we did go over some of them," added Ed Orgeron.

The team usually has a day off following a game, but due to the event being held on Sunday, the players had to go back out to work today. Were the players a little sore practicing the day after the game?

"Nobody mentioned that today. They really had a hop to their step today. These guys are really flying around right now. They are feeling good about themselves. Usually the players are a little sore after a game, but today went pretty good. If anybody was sore, they did not talk about it to me (laugh). No really, everybody is just glad to get that first win. When you win, the soreness usually goes away pretty quickly (laugh). But when you don't, it hurts double (laugh)."

Dexter McCluster dazzled the crowd with his 268 all-purpose yards Sunday. Has Coach Orgeron ever seen a true freshman perform the way Dexter did in his first game?

"I think that is the best performance I have ever seen in my life from a freshman in his first game. I saw Mike Williams (USC) have a tremendous year. He caught 73 balls, but it took him about four or five games to get that level. Dexter has a chance to break a lot of records here."

Did Coach Orgeron notice any extra ump in the player's step in practice today from the players who did not get much playing time Sunday?

"Yea, you can see the competition is really starting to heat up. There are some guys who are hungry on the team, that did not get their shot, that did not get their usual amount of playing time. You can tell that they are hungry to not get left out again."

Coach Orgeron mentioned in today's press conference that there could possibly be some position changes; did any take place?

"Yes, we moved Markeith Summers over to CB, and we moved Daverin Geralds to defensive line. We made those two moves today, just experimental. That is all. We need a taller CB and Markeith did a good job today, real good job. And Daverin, we just need some depth on the defensive line. He has some experience playing there in high school. This is not like it is something totally new for him. Daverin moved pretty good today."

Anymore possible switches from the OL to DL?

"No, not right now. We are playing so good there, I do not want to change it. That group is really gelling right now."

Coach Orgeron alluded to in the press conference that he needed to get Rory more involved. What does he bring to the table that is currently missing from that position?

"Speed. There are just so many alignment adjustments. He just is not ready for that yet, but when he is, he is really going to give us a boost there."

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