Jordan DeMercy talks about his official to OM

Jordan DeMercy (SF, Norcross, GA) - The first Georgia Hurricane (Zach Graham) member committed to Ole Miss on Friday. Zach's teammates, Jordan DeMercy and Keegan Bell, were in Oxford for their official visits on Saturday and Sunday.How did Jordan's visit go?

"It went real well. It was a lot of fun. I got there around 5:30 on Friday. They took us out to eat. I hung out with Keegan (Bell) all weekend. We did not split apart. That made it really fun. We got to hang out with their players Friday night. We went out to a few places and got up early Saturday. We toured their campus, met with an academic counselor, and then met their chancellor. He was a neat guy. Their chancellor new more about sports that I did. He was fun to talk to. After that meeting, we (Jordan and Keegan) played in a scrimmage with the Ole Miss players. That lasted to around 2:00 pm. That went pretty good. We had a good chemistry with their players. I think I fit in very good with them. We went and ate lunch and then met with their academic people again. We left there and went to their football pep rally at 5:00 PM. Their fans really get into their sports. After the pep rally we went over to Coach K's (Kennedy) house. We ate dinner with their players and the coaches families. Then after dinner, we went out with the players to a couple of hot spots. We woke up Sunday, and it was all about basketball. They told us how we would fit in with their program," commented Jordan DeMercy.

Zach Graham, Jordan's teammate, also plays the wing position. There were a few questions Jordan wanted answered before he left from the trip.

"I wanted to know how that was going to play out with us playing the same position. Coach K said they are going to play an up tempo/fast paced style of ball. He said they have a true PG and then the 2, 3, and 4 are all interchangeable. They also play a true big man. So, it really does not matter if me and Zach play the same position, because we will both be out there a lot. They just want to play a fast paced style where they get after you the whole game ball. They need guys who can get up and down the court."

Two things stood out the most during DeMercy's official visit.

"Hanging out with Keegan and their coaches were the highlight, really. They have a great staff. They are a lot of fun to be around."

Any lingering questions about Ole Miss?

"Not really. It is basically down to Ole Miss and FSU. I will visit FSU in a couple of weeks, and then I will make a decision. But overall, Ole Miss is my #1 school right now. My parents really enjoyed Ole Miss too. They learned a lot about the school they did not know from before."

While Jordan is on his official visit to FSU; what will he compare between the two schools?

"I have already visited FSU before, so it is really just to see how I fit in with their players. My thing is that at Ole Miss, I would be getting a lot more playing time in my freshman season. If I did go to FSU, I would have to cope with not getting frustrated my freshman year."

Playing time is obviously a feather in Ole Miss' cap; what does FSU have that the Rebs do not?

"Their facilities is a plus, and probably the ACC. Even though the SEC had a good year last year, the ACC is a big time conference."

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