BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Ole Miss junior Tailback BenJarvus Green-Ellis is riding high in the sports world right now. Not only did he gain 127 yards rhusing in his Rebel debut, his beloved New York Yankees are cruising in the AL East. Read about it inside.

It couldn't have been a better week for Ole Miss TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis, as far as his favorite sports are concerned.

The Rebels defeated Memphis, 28-25, in the 2006 season opener behind BenJarvus' 127-yard rushing performance and the Major League Baseball team he pulls for - the New York Yankees - appear to be cruising to the October playoffs.

"A-Rod broke out of his slump with two or three home runs," BenJarvus said. "If he gets hot during the playoffs, I think we'll win it all again. The Red Sox couldn't take the pressure.

"And we won."

Typical BenJarvus. He mentioned Alex Rodriguez, but made no mention of himself.

It's a team thing with him.

"I don't care how many yards I gain," he said. "All I care about is us winning. I mean, I'm proud and all, but I just want to help the team. If that's being a decoy, I don't care as long as we win."

Green-Ellis said he felt real good the day after the Memphis game.

"I'm not really sore or anything. Compared to August camp, the game was no big deal. Games are easy compared to our practices and that's the way it's supposed to be," he explained.

BenJarvus and the Rebel offense didn't get off to a great start. Rushing yards were hard to come by earely on, but a few adjustments changed all that and the holes started popping open for him to run through.

"The O-Line and the coaches made a lot of adjustments as the game was going on," he noted. "My hat is off to the O-Line and the coaches. They were on top of everything as it was happening and when we got to the sidelines we didn't play around. The coaches asked me what was happening with certain defensive players and immediately had an answer.

"They drew up what we had to do to adjust, we did it and things started opening up. To be able to adjust as things were happening, and then make some major adjustments at halftime, was what got us going."

BenJarvus seemed to get stronger as the game progressed. He didn't really see it that way. Again, his humble nature kicked in.

"All I know is that the holes weren't there until the adjustments and then they were. People have said 'you looked stronger in the second half.' I don't know about that. I thought all it amounted to was I had somewhere to run," he added.

Green-Ellis said he was excited the Rebels won, but he's trying to keep a level head about it.

"It felt good right after the game because we've worked hard and winning is the reward," he continued, "but this is a long season and that was just one game. I think we all have put that one behind us and are thinking about Missouri now.

"This is my fourth year in college football and I have learned you don't dwell on things long. Win or lose, you move on to the next one."

While he didn't want to dwell on what he did individually, he was proud of the way the offense played mostly mistake-free football in their first outing.

"I watched a lot of football over the weekend between practices and meetings and there were a lot of penalties with the new clock rule," BJGE said. "We worked on that a lot in camp and it's a good thing we did.

"I give that credit to the coaches and to Brent (Schaeffer) and Robert (Lane). They were always telling us to be ready and get in a hurry on change of possessions and in getting back to the huddle after a play. They kept us aware.

"We did a good job of not having penalties and we did a good job of not having turnovers. We have to keep doing a good job of that throughout the whole season to be successful. Good teams don't beat themselves."

BenJarvus said he has a lot of respect for Missouri and is looking forward to playing in a hostile environment.

"We had the whole stadium on our side Sunday. Now it's gut check time on the road," he stated. "Missouri will be a step up in the competition and we will definitely not have the crowd on our side.

"I think we have the kind of makeup on our team to use those things as motivators. I think we will be ready to play good football and add to what we accomplished against Memphis."

Sports-wise, BenJarvus has two things on his mind. The most prominent is continued Rebel success.

But he'll also be watching the results of the Yankees.

"We both need to keep the winning going," he closed. "We gained some momentum and confidence, which this young team needed. We have to keep building on that."

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