An SEC battle for one of nation's top PG's

Keegan Bell (PG, Hazel Green, AL) -'s #23 nationally ranked point guard took an official visit to the University of Mississippi over the weekend.How did the visit go?

"Ole Miss was pretty impressive. It was a good visit. I had a lot better time than I did last year when I went over there for an unofficial (visit). My parents really enjoyed it too. Their staff is just great. I got a better feel for the campus and students. I also got to hang out with the players to see how I would fit in with them. It was a real good experience," added Keegan Bell.

What was the highlight for the trip?

"The Grove was awesome. That was crazy. Their staff stood out too. I do not know. I just feel very comfortable around them. They are good guys."

What new did Bell learn about Ole Miss that maybe he did not know from before?

"I never had a chance to hang out with their players before. The student life, just how it is around there. I got a feel for all of the coaches there. I have known Coach White for a while. He is the one that got me interested in Ole Miss when he was with their last staff. But Coach Ward, Miller, and Armstrong are really nice. There is not one bad guy on that staff. That was really what impressed me the most. What also impressed me were the plans they have for that basketball program. They are really excited about their program. Even walking around campus, everyone was talking about it, and it is football season. That was pretty cool."

What plans did Ole Miss present to Keegan?

"They are going to be an up and down team. That catches my eye. They already changed their floor. That looked real good. They have new locker rooms. I liked that, and they are building a new practice facility. That is definitely appealing."

Did the Rebels ask Keegan to commit?

"No, because I told them I did not want to jump into anything. I already made that mistake once when I committed to Georgia. But when the timing is right, I will go ahead and do it. They wanted me to, but they never pushed. I appreciated that."

Did Bell leave Ole Miss with any concerns?

"No, it went really well. I did not second guess them at all. It went really good."

Keegan had one of his AAU teammates, Zach Graham, commit to the Rebels last week. Another teammate, Jordan DeMercy, visited with Bell this past weekend.

"That definitely is going to play a role in my decision. Zach pretty much introduced me to everyone with the (Georgia) Hurricanes. And me and Jordan, we are real good friends. We talk on the phone every day. We are real close. He is fun to play with. I think Ole Miss fits his style. I can not speak for him, but I think we share a lot of the same thoughts about Ole Miss. It made it a comfortable experience for me to have him with me on the visit. The opportunity to play together is huge in our eyes."

Keegan still has two official visits lined up.

"I am still scheduled to go to LSU this weekend and Vandy the following weekend."

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