Mississippi's top juco RB talks recruiting

Cameron Montgomery (RB, N' East CC, MS) - Mississippi's lone running back selection for the Preseason All-American NJCAA squad is ready to pick up right where he left off last year.

"I do not know what my final stats were (1, 383 yards), but I know I rushed for more than a 100 yards in each game I played," stated Cameron Montgomery. "But really, I do not keep up with my personal stats, I just keep up with my team. We failed to get out of the first round last year, so we have a lot of ground to make up this year."

It was hard to get Montgomery to elaborate on what he does well on the field, but he did share this insight.

"I can see the field pretty good. I really do not know. I just run. I have a good offensive line, and when you have a good offensive line, they will carry you a long way."

Cameron was set to sign with either Texas A&M or Baylor coming out of high school (Woodlands, TX), but grades prevented him from signing with a D1 program.

"I could not sign with anybody because my GPA was below a 2.0. I just goofed off to much when I was young, but I have learned my lesson. I am graduating in December."

How did Montgomery end up at N' East CC?

"Coach Fuse from Baylor told the N' East CC coach about me. Coach Fuse is now at Boise State."

The start of Cameron's sophomore season was a rough one.

"We lost 31-10 to Jones CC. I had 8 or 9 carries for a 108 yards. I also had a couple of receptions, but I do not know how many yards I had. It was a good learning experience for us. It let us know where we stand, which is not that good. We have been working hard in practices this week. We should put up a lot better fight against Gulf Coast CC this week. I know I have to be on top of my game because that DE (Dion Gales) for Gulf Coast is a beast. He was running down receivers from behind when they played Holmes last week. I do not think he is going to run me down from behind though (laugh)."

College coaches started contacting prospects on September 1st; did Montgomery get any calls?

"Illinois called me. Over the summer, I talked to Coach Fuse at Boise State. He told me to keep my grades up, and he was going to bring me in for a visit. The Illinois coach said he was coming to our first home game. In the Spring, I talked to Baylor, but I have not talked to them again. Ole Miss contacted my coach in the Spring, but I have not heard from them either."

Which colleges are corresponding with Cameron through mail?

"If it is not a hand written letter, I just pretty much thrown them away."

Are there any colleges Montgomery would like to see start recruiting him?

"TCU and probably Houston. I want to play for a program that is on the rise."

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