AJC Super 11 member coming to Ole Miss

Ted Laurent (DT, Powder Springs, GA) - The Rebels are in dire need of immediate help at the defensive tackle position, and luckily for Ole Miss, help is just right around the corner.

Lets take a look at what some are saying about one of Ole Miss' key commits, Ted Laurent.

"McEachern returns the most starters among Cobb's 2005 playoff teams, and the big one is Ted Laurent, an Ole Miss pledge who is the school's best-ever defensive lineman," stated Todd Holcomb from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

McEachern football coach Jim Dorsey has called Ted Laurent the best defensive lineman he's coached since the rising senior's sophomore season.

"I've had coaches from Notre Dame and Michigan and Miami and places like that say he's the best they've seen in the country this year," Dorsey said. "And when you watch a highlight tape on him, it's pretty impressive. I didn't realize he was that good until I put that thing together. He dominates consistently," stated Coach Dorsey to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Ted Laurent during AJC Super 11 photo shoot

The most impressive award came out recently when Ted was named to the 2006 AJC Super 11 Team which is the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's 11 most highly regarded senior football players in the state.

"That has always been my goal to make that team," beamed a proud Ted Laurent. "I had always dreamed of being on that team. I will never forget the day they called me to let me know I made the team."

Ted is rated the No. 7 defensive tackle nationally by ESPN and is strongest player in school history with lifts of 395 on the bench press, 615 on squats and 300 on power cleans.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution came out with its Top 5 Speed and Strength prospects in the state of Georgia and Ted was ranked the Top "Strength" prospect in the state.

"I have dedicated myself in the weight room. I have come a long way. I squatted 650 pounds right before camp started. My goal is to get that to 700 before I enroll at Ole Miss."

Here is an excerpt from the AJC on Ted's strength:

Size and strength are probably the biggest difference in football today compared with, say, 1969, when McEachern head coach Jim Dorsey was a 245-pound high school lineman in Florida. Dorsey went on to start at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, Tenn.

Today, Dorsey has a nose tackle, Ted Laurent, who weighed close to 300 when he was a freshman and already could squat 475 pounds.

Now a junior, Laurent is a more sculpted 295 pounds and can squat 605, bench press 395 and clean 335, and his 1,335 total for those three lifts is the best in Cobb County. Laurent is 15 years old.

"At his position, there are times where he just literally snatches a running back down or takes an offensive lineman and bench presses his to the side and goes after the ball carrier," Dorsey stated. "He is simply the best linemen to ever come through his county. I have never seen anything like him."

Ted started getting recognized state wide as only a sophomore.

Here is what J.C. Clemons from the AJC stated about Ted during his 10th grade season,

Ted Laurent

"In defeat, McEachern was not without its moments against Parkview. OK, make that moment, singular, but it was a memorable one. Midway of the second quarter, Indians sophomore defensive tackle Ted Laurent showed why McEachern coach Jimmy Dorsey has already endorsed him for greatness. Blasting through a double-team, the 6-1, 290-pound man-child smashed the Panthers' Jeff Witt on a quarterback draw for a 1-yard loss. On the play, which the Parkview fans applauded, Laurent never even rose out of his crouch."

Does Ted feel the pressure to live up to the hype?

"Not really," stated the matter of fact, Ted Laurent. "I put more pressure on myself than anybody else. I just love to play the game."

What makes Ted so special?

"My strength is my strength. My hands, footwork, and vision are pretty good too. I like to run side to side. But my hands and feet make me go."

As good as Laurent is; there is always room for improvement.

"I want to stay low. The main thing from stopping me from making more big plays last year, well, Coach O (Orgeron) told me to stay low and run flat down the lines."

Ted shocked many in the Peach state when he committed to Ole Miss, but Ted has a different view.

"Why would anybody be shocked I picked Ole Miss? Just look at the list of defensive tackles Coach O has sent to the league. That is why I picked Ole Miss. He coached guys like Warren Sapp and Cortez Kennedy. I wanted that type of coach to help me get ready for the league. If anybody is shocked that I picked Ole Miss; they must not know their football. Coach Orgeron is the best defensive line teacher out there."

Ted and the Ole Miss coaching staff have developed a deep relationship.

"Me and Coach Neilson. We have that bond you can not break. We are best buddies. He said if I were there this year, I would have been starting against Memphis. He is always positive, always talking good. He makes me feel like I am the greatest ever. Their whole staff is always upbeat and always positive."

Which colleges came after Ted the hardest before he decided on Ole Miss?

"I was offered by a lot of schools, but I would have to say Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Clemson, LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn, and you have to understand, Miami was always my dream school growing up. They came after me hard. I always wanted to follow in Sapp's footsteps, then I decided to join the guy (Ed Orgeron) who made Warren (Sapp)."

September 1st was the first day that college coaches could start calling the prospects, but only one school has made contact with Ted.

"My situation is that I live with a relative and they do not have a house phone, so when I committed to Ole Miss, I changed my cell phone number and I only gave my new number to them. It cut out all of those headaches. I know where I am going so I do not need to be talking to all of those other coaches. I talk to Ole Miss every week, and that is enough for me."

Ted has scheduled an official visit with Ole Miss for December 1 - 3.

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