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After the 34-7 whipping at the hands of Missouri yesterday in Columbia, the Rebel players and assistant coaches offered no excuses. In a nutshell, they said the Tigers took them to the woodshed, which was apparent for anyone watching the contest. Read about it inside.

What was apparent to everyone watching the game between the Ole Miss Rebels and the Missouri Tigers was just as apparent to the participants.

The Tigers mauled the Rebels 34-7 in a game that was, for all intents and purposes, never in doubt.

The following are some quotes from a select few Reb players and coaches.

TB BenJarvus Green-Ellis: (On the game) We didn't execute well in any phase of the game. They did. It was one of those games where we couldn't seem to get anything going and everything they tried worked on both sides of the ball. We will have to work hard to correct what we did wrong and correct our mistakes. After a win, you have to work hard. After a loss, you have to work hard. We have to show some maturity and go back to the drawing board with focus. (On what was broken) I'm not sure, to be honest. We'll watch the films and the coaches will figure it out, but while it was happening, it was hard for me to tell. I know Missouri was assignment-sound and a very disciplined defense. If they were supposed to be in a gap, they were there. They were aggressive and took the fight to us.

Offensive Coordinator Dan Werner: (On the game) We have to run the ball and we weren't able to do it. Missouri was better than Memphis, but we knew that. Memphis would have eight guys in the box and we were still running it down their throats. Missouri was putting six men in the box and we still could not get anything going. They were more physical than us. We went in the game thinking we could run the football because of the numbers and we weren't able to. (On the Rebs' physicality) With the kind of defense Memphis ran, it was hard to tell how physical we were going to be the rest of the season. They were bouncing around and we were able to catch them off-balance. Missouri brought it right to us and whipped us. Missouri's style is what we are going to face the rest of the year in the SEC. We challenged our guys to play SEC football and we didn't take the challenge the way I had hoped. (On QB Brent Schaeffer) He had a few chances to make some plays that he didn't, but the bottom line is that this was an overall team poor effort, from the offensive coordinator on down. I obviously did not get us ready to play and we didn't play well at any position. There was a mistake on nearly every single play that cost us. It was a total team effort in the wrong direction. (On Brent getting hit too often) That's going to happen at times. That's why we went to the short passing game. No matter what level you play at though, the QB is going to get hit. It's how you respond to it that counts. (On the immediate future) We'll watch the film and see what we need to correct, but I already know a lot of our problems were mental and we will have to correct them. If we are getting beat physically, we will have to evaluate if our players are able to handle what we are doing. If not, we'll find other things they can do. It's my job to put them in a position to be successful. (On WR Dexter McCluster not being as much a part of the offense as last week) They shaded over on him and made sure they had help with him all the time. We tried to get something going with him, but it was obvious they were going to make us go somewhere else. (On the frustration level he encountered) It was very frustrating. It would be one thing if they were doing something schematically to cause problems. Then you can just switch to something else to attack it. But Missouri ran a very simple defense we should have been able to run against and operate against and that's what is frustrating. Here's the deal. They only had six in the box - we should have been able to run. And while they had more guys in coverage, we should have had more time to throw and more time for receivers to find openings, but we didn't. (On taking the dagger himself) It's my job to make sure the offensive guys are executing. You can believe we will find out what's wrong and work to correct it. The buck stops with me, not with the players.

DB Coach Chris Rippon: (On the game) I thought the kids fought hard, but it's obvious we have to get better. We took too long to get settled, but they scored 17 points at the 13:09 mark of the second quarter and they didn't score again in the half. At halftime, I felt like we had righted the ship, but Missouri hit us a couple of times in the second half as well. (On facing the spread offense) Missouri is a well-coached team and they executed their offense well. The spread reminds me of the old Wishbone days. That style offense, when it's clicking, limits your ability, as a defense, to make a negative-yardage play. We could never get a turnover and could never make anything happen, plus we were facing tough field position most of the day. They spread you out and take the secondary out of the game some when it's executed properly. When it works, it's good, but we all know that when it's not being executed, when the QB is not operating it right, it can blow up in your face. Missouri executed today.

MLB Patrick Willis: (On the game) This spread offense was no different than Memphis', but we didn't handle it the same way. Their quarterback added a dimension that Memphis' QB didn't have - he was a real good runner and he got the better of us today. From the start, Missouri took it to us. We thought we could recover from the first drive when they marched down the field and scored. We had some stretches of the game when we were able to stop them, but not enough. In the end, it was their day. We just didn't play very well from top to bottom. We didn't come out ready to play. I don't know why, but maybe we learned a lesson today on how prepared you have to be to play on this level. I didn't have a real good feeling at the start of the game about how ready we were. We didn't have the same fire we did against Memphis. I think that's a sign of a young team, but the older guys on the team talked about that all week. We have to put this game behind us and learn from it.

FS Charles Clark: (On the game) We didn't handle the spread very well today. We were in the right position most of the time, but we didn't make plays the way we did last week. It was more a matter of missed plays than confusion. When you don't make plays that are there to be made, the other team just gains more and more momentum. That's what happened today - we let Missouri start feeling good about themselves and we got down a little. It doesn't take much to turn a game in that direction. (On Kentucky) We don't know what they are going to do yet, but we have to do better as a defense. We have to make the plays when they are there to be made, which we didn't do a lot against Memphis and didn't do at all today.

LG Andrew Wicker: (On the outcome) To play like we did last week and then to follow that up with a game like we had today is an eye-opener. It just didn't happen for us. I think we patted ourselves on the back too much from last week. We got beat in every phase of the game - physically, mentally. We beat ourselves as much as they beat us. We made mistake after mistake after mistake. I think we came in here feeling too good about ourselves. I don't think we were hungry enough today. It was like we lost our edge after the Memphis game and I don't know why. That was just one game. Missouri is a good team, but they didn't get nearly our best shot. We have to improve the mental aspects of our game. We have to stay hungry. Everything we did is correctable.

QB Brent Schaeffer: (On the game) Their defense just seemed to be everywhere and we could never get anything going, in the running game or in the passing game. From the look they were giving us on defense, we should have been able to run the ball, but we couldn't. Missouri was on top of their game today and we weren't. This (the score) is what happens in college football when you aren't at the top of your game facing a team that is. Today, things didn't go our way and we couldn't find a way to change things in our direction. Missouri's front four played a tremendous game and their whole defense kept everything in front of them and pursued the ball quickly. I give them credit, but I'm disappointed with the way we performed today.

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