"I will be at OM in January catching TD's"

Terry Levy (WR, Kosciusko, MS) - The 6' 2", 200 pound Ole Miss signee has been in limbo for months now due to the NCAA's yet to be finalized decision on Levy's eligibility.

"It has been really frustrating. I am kind of anxious to get up there (to Ole Miss). I am kind of mad because I am suppose to be up there right now, " added Terry Levy

Even if the NCAA rules Terry eligible, he will have to wait until December to enroll because the last day of drop/add has already passed.

What will Terry do?

"I am going to Ole Miss in December. There really are no other options. That is pretty much it."

Will Levy continue to live in his hometown of Kosciusko this semester while he waits to enroll or will he go ahead and move up to Oxford?

"No, I am staying here and working with a strength and speed trainer. I am just trying my best to get in the best condition of my life so I am ready when I get up there."

In the meantime, due to the unpredictability of whether Terry is going to need to take any classes to gain eligibility, all he can do is sit and wait for the verdict.

"It has put me in a bind right now I do not know what to take, if I need to take anything at all. My hands are tied until the NCAA makes their ruling."

What has the NCAA said to Terry?

"They asked me for my transcript and final date of graduation. I sent in the transcript and gave them my graduation date. Ole Miss has told me that we should know something by next week. At least that is what they (NCAA) told them (Ole Miss)."

What is Ole Miss telling Terry?

"To just hang in there and to keep in the best shape that I possibly can so I am ready when (Spring) practice begins."

Have anymore colleges been in contact with Terry to try and pursue him?

"Yes, Butler CC and Holmes CC have told me to come on over, but I told them I was going to Ole Miss in December. Everybody got the picture after I kept telling them the same story."

The Rebels have struggled at the wide out spots this season and Levy has noticed.

"I still have a chance to go up there and start because that seems like their weakness."

Terry took in the Memphis game and will be back for the Wake Forest contest.

"I'm coming back up. I plan on going to all of them."

Levy had one last comment to say to the Ole Miss family.

"Tell everybody I will be there in January catching TD's."

Terry had a very productive senior season as he over a 1, 000 yards of offense (28 catches for 640 yards and 26 carries for 371 yards) and was named the Region 4 (4A) MVP.

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