Where is Aubrey McPhadden?

Aubrey McPhadden (OT,College of the Sequoias, CA) - Where has the former prep All-American that signed with FSU in '03 and Ole Miss in February landed after failing to earn enough credits this summer to get into the University of Mississippi?

"Aubrey is with us now," commented Andy Siegal, the offensive coordinator for the College of the Sequoias.

"He is still here running second string. Aubrey can't break the starting line up. I am not trying to down the kid, I am just being brutally honest. I called Ole Miss and told them that somebody might needed to light a fire under him. Nothing has happened yet. Now do not get me wrong, Aubrey is a great kid and a great athlete with tons of potential, but potential will get you beat. He needs to convert potential to productivity."

What is Aubrey lacking?

"Effort, plain and simple. He is just going through the motions, which is a shame, because I do not think anything is guaranteed from Ole Miss. I have never been told that, but I am sure they want to see how well he does up here before resigning him in December. It is a shame because this kid has the potential to dominate at left tackle. I recruited him at Dodge City CC. I have known the kid for a long time. He is a great kid with a great personality. It is hard to not like Aubrey, but he is not giving it his all. He is struggling with effort. I tell him everyday Coach Kehoe will send him back to Jacksonville in a second if he gave out the effort he is giving us. He is not an SEC player right now. Aubrey is giving D111 effort in a D1 body. I guess the good thing for Aubrey right now is that he is making good grades, so that will not be an issue anymore."

College of the Sequoias is loaded with D1 talent this season. They are currently ranked #1 in the country.

"Yea, me and Tim (Hatton from Pearl River CC) call each other every Monday to rib each other about who is number one. We got them this week. We are 2-0 right now. We beat Eastern Arizona 26-16 last week and won our first game 57-14 against Northern CA."

One reason we have seen a rise in the California junior college system is due to the fact that they can have an unlimited number of out of state players on their roster, while Mississippi is limited to a total of 8 (four in each class), and Kansas is limited to 12 non-redshirt out of state players on their roster.

"We do not have (out of state) limitations because there are no scholarships given in California. It is all financial aid."

There are a trio of sophomore receivers for the College of the Sequoias who are being recruited heavily. The first one we are going to talk about is probably the most highly recruited.

"A.J. Jackson has four catches and four TD's in two games," stated Coach Andy Siegal. "People are really focusing on stopping him with the year he had last year (19 TD's and 45 catches). But it looks like he is still getting the best of them (laugh). He still needs to mature a little more, and still work on his routes, but that kid has everything you are looking for. He is big and tall (6' 6") and can really jump. But everybody knows he will have to push it academically to make it. I think everyone knows it will come down to the wire for him, " stated Coach Andy Siegal. "Ole Miss really likes him a lot, and I know USC, Florida, and Nebraska are watching to see how his grades turn out."

The Sequoias has one world class speedster that has really developed at receiver since moving over from cornerback.

"McIntosh Nicolas (6' 0", 200) signed with Florida out of high school. Dan Werner (OC for Ole Miss) really liked him in the Spring. McIntosh was the 100 Meter State Champion in the state of Florida. Coach Ron Zook said he ran the fastest 40 time he had ever recorded. McIntosh ran a 4.25 forty. He went to Dodge City CC and redshirted as a cornerback. Then when I came out here (College of the Sequoias); he came with me. Nicolas is having a solid year. He is leading our team in receptions. He graded out at 90% last game. He made one mistake the whole game. The kid is blocking, running great routes, and is catching everything out there right now. Last year, he could not even run the right route. We would be joking on the sidelines and say, I wonder if he is going to run the right route when his number was called. The kid has had tremendous improvement. It just took him a year to learn his new position. He is a world class speed guy who now can catch the ball. I think if McIntosh keeps developing, he will be playing on Sunday's, " commented the offensive coordinator for the College of the Sequoias, Andy Siegal.

The third receiver at the College of the Sequoias that is receiving plenty of D1 interest is Mike Benson.

"Mike Benson (5' 10", 190) was a freshman All-American for us. He is from LaMarque, TX. He was not placed by anyone. We just recruited him (laugh). Not everyone was placed here (laugh). Mike can catch a bee bee in a hurricane," stated the always colorful offensive coordinator, Andy Siegal. "I know schools like Ole Miss, USC, Texas A&M, and Nebraska really like him a lot. Mike has the most consistent hands out of everybody over here. The kid will catch anything that is thrown his direction."

The Rebels are also interested in a few more players from the College of the Sequoias.

"We have a linebacker here named Brian Ellis (6' 4", 235). Brian is from Daytona Beach, FL and went to Mainland. He signed with Florida out of high school but they signed him as an athlete and not a position player. He played TE, DE, and LB for us last year but has turned into a natural linebacker. Florida did not keep in contact for a while, and that is where they messed up. I know USC is showing a tremendous amount of interest in Brian. Ole Miss is too, but I told both of them they could not talk to him because he was placed (by Florida). Nebraska is dying to get a visit. I think he has some interest in FSU because they signed one of his good friends," commented the College of the Sequoias offensive coordinator, Andy Siegal.

Will Ellis resign with Florida or is he open?

"I think Brian is carrying a little chip on his shoulder with how they have recruited him. They have been recruiting his teammate, Woodny Turenne, so hard. And I think Brian feels a little slighted by that."

Speaking of Woodny Turenne; what is going on with his star cornerback?

"He is the exact opposite as Aubrey (McPhadden). He will graduate in May, but nobody is blinking an eye about him qualifying. He could actually graduate in December, but he will need to take a couple of extra courses to qualify to play in the SEC. Woodny really wants to play in the SEC. Florida is his number one school and Ole Miss is his second option. Turenne is a good character kid, and there is nothing bad with him. The first game he did not play because of turf toe, but he came back on Friday and had a pick. He is the best corner in the country. There is nobody in his league," stated the assistant coach from the College of the Sequoias, Andy Siegal.

The last prospect from the College of the Sequoias that the Rebels are showing a great deal amount of interest also hails from the Sunshine state.

"Coaches Neilson and Orgeron (Ole Miss) came here this Spring and really liked Windon Rotunda (6' 3", 320). Last week, Coach Neilson asked about him again. He is from Brocksville, FL. His dad is Mike Rotunda, the pro wrestler, and his grandfather is "Black Jack" Mulligan. He won the world heavy weight championship years back. Windon was Florida's state wrestler champ. He is a Coach Kehoe type of guy. He has that long wrestling hair, and he is crazy and extremely aggressive. There is no one he will ever back down from. Windon was also placed by me (laugh), "stated Coach Andy Siegal. "He plays guard for us because we have a pretty good center, but he will play center on the next level. He looks like Brent Wombart who started at center for Coach Kehoe at Miami."

The Rebels picked up the College of the Sequoias' QB last year, Brent Schaeffer, and now it looks like they want to snag a few of his teammates.

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