Rontrell Bailey recruiting update

Rontrell Bailey (QB, Arkadelphia, AR) - Rontrell had an impressive junior campaign as he threw for over 1, 500 yards and 16 TD's. His performances were good enough to earn an invite to the Elite 11 camp in California.This season, Bailey looks to take his game a step further.

"In our first game, we played Ashdown and lost 26-20. Last week, we played Parkview (6A), and we beat them 35-7. I was 7-9 in passing for the first half. We played pretty well. I played in the 3rd quarter, but we were just melting down the clock. I had 94 yards rushing in that game. In our first game, I had 162 yards passing and 2 TD's. I also had 90 yards rushing and 1 rushing TD."

What improvements ha Bailey seen in his game?

"I can read defenses a lot better than last year. That has helped us out a lot."

The 6' 2" 200 pound prospect from L.M. Goza is getting some looks at various positions.

"Most of them like me at QB, but Oklahoma State likes me at DB or WR, and Arkansas Pine Bluff just offered me to play any skilled position."

Which colleges have now offered Rontrell a scholarship?

"Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Arkansas Pine Bluff."

Any phone calls this month?

"I talked to Pine Bluff last night. Arkansas State called, and I talked to Texas A&M the other night."

OSU or Ole Miss have not called?

"They have not called recently, but I have gotten some tickets to come to their games. Ole Miss just had their first home game, and they sent me some tickets. OSU played Arkansas State, but I did not get to talk to their coaches."

Which colleges are now at the top of Rontrell's list?

"Pine Bluff wants me to make up my mind right now, but I told them I was going to wait until after my season was over. But they have been coming after me the hardest lately."

Will Bailey be attending any college games in the near future?

"Ole Miss, I am going to their next home game next Saturday. Me and Gary McClellan are riding up there together. I plan on going to another Pine Bluff game. I have not been to Oklahoma State, but I plan to go soon."

Rontrell carries a 2.7 GPA / 17 ACT.

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