Practice Report - Tuesday

From the start of August practice, Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron has repeatedly stated this season would be as much about working on the Rebels as it would be working on what the opposition is doing. Yesterday, the Rebs corrected their mistakes from Missouri. Today, installation of the Kentucky gameplan began. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron put the Rebels through a 2-hour workout in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium today.

Due to heavy rain last night in the Oxford area, the practice fields were too wet to practice on so Coach O opted to move the team to the turf in the stadium.

The Rebs worked in shells -helmets and shoulder pads - and began their installation of the Kentucky gameplan after working on correcting their mistakes from the Missouri game in Monday's practice.

"It was a very good practice today. The guys were spirited and worked hard," said Orgeron. "We dealt with the loss yesterday and put it behind us. You have to deal with those things and move on. I want my team to understand that."

Is it harder for a young team to put a loss behind them than a veteran team? O's not sure yet.

"We'll find out," he responded. "We have to try to teach them that and see if they learn the lesson."

Coach O said yesterday that he hoped to incorporate WLB Rory Johnson and CB Dustin Mouzon into their defensive plans more.

"We put them in more today and they looked good," he added. "Rory's getting there. Dustin has not been moved to a starter yet, but he's got to play more. We are not playing very well at the corners and we've got to improve."

O said he and his staff have learned a little more about Kentucky since yesterday's press conference.

"TB Rafael Little is really good. We watched a lot of film on him and he can play," said O. "Kentucky is explosive. We watched film on them from last year and they put a lot of points on Auburn and Vanderbilt. We played well against them defensively last year, but Little made a lot of plays against other teams.

"Their quarterback (Andre' Woodson) has a cannon for an arm. Their receivers are very fast. They have a good return game. We had a couple of breakdowns in special teams last week, so we will fix those and be aware of Kentucky's capabilities in the return game. They have the capability of making big plays on offense and special teams and we have given up big plays. Those two factors are a concern for us.

"We are going to have to mix and match our coverages and try to help our corners, but other times we are going to have to put eight in the box and leave our corners on an island. They have to respond better." The K-Cat defense is similar to Ole Miss' - young.

"They are similar in that they are starting five freshmen or newcomers and they have struggled just like we have on that side of the ball," he said. "They play a similar style as us too."

On the Rebel DL, O said the staff and players are doing all they can.

"We are still banged up, so we are seeing little improvement," he said. "We're just doing the best we can with the situation we are working with."

Coach O said Kentucky will run more of a conventional offense than the spread formations they have seen the first two weeks. Is that good for his team?

"We'll find out," he noted. "It's an offense we feel we can adapt to. We are geared more to conventional offenses in our defensive system. We practice against a similar offense every day."

Orgeron is not a fan of the new clock rules even though they have not presented his team with any major problems thus far.

"We have less plays in a game. I don't like speeding up the game. I loved the game the way it was," he closed. "I haven't felt hurried in a game and we have been prepared, but the game goes faster and I don't think many coaches like the new rule, not that I have heard. It's all about hurrying up. I don't like it, but we are dealing with it."

The Rebs will practice in pads tomorrow, as usual on Wednesdays, unless O has a change of heart in the morning.

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