Practice Report: Wednesday

The Ole Miss Rebels took another step in their march toward Saturday's game against Kentucky in Lexington with a normal full-pad Wednesday practice today. Read Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron's comments about the workout inside.

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron put the Rebels through a "normal" full-pad Wednesday practice as they continue preparations for Saturday's game against Kentucky in Lexington.

"We were in full pads today and held a normal Wednesday practice," Coach O noted. "I saw guys paying attention to detail, making less mental errors and playing with more enthusiasm. We are seeing the progress we were wanting this week."

Orgeron was asked about the progress of two players he singled out Monday as guys he wanted to see more of on the field - CB Dustin Mouzon and LB Rory Johnson.

"Dustin gives us some depth and is a guy we can play in nickel situations. We need help at the corners in the rotation to give the starters some rest and it's really good he can go in there and play," O noted. "We will need him throughout the season. We can't continue to play like we have been playing back there - we have to get better.

"Last year, he struggled at times, but this year he knows the defense better, he's gotten better in the weight room and he's increased his flexibility. He's doing some good things.

"Rory has had a pretty good week, but we have to see how he does when things are live in a game. At that position, if you miss a gap, it's a big gain. We will continue to work right up to Saturday with him, give him a shot and see what he can do."

The defensive line remains a sore subject with O.

"We really don't have a rotation on the defensive line. We had four scout team guys playing second team today - we only have a first team, not a rotation," he commented. "We're doing all we can do to shore that up, but until some guys get healthy, we are where we are there."

Coach O said Kentucky's more conventional two-back offense gives the Rebels a little more comfort than the spread offense they faced the first two games.

"I think we feel more at home with the defenses we are running. I think our guys are more comfortable this week," he expressed. "Playing them last year helps us be more familiar with their style, which is a plus.

"The spread took us out of some things we like to do. We couldn't blitz as much as we like to. We don't have to worry as much about the option as we did the last two weeks."

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