Rishaw Johnson feels the home state pressure

Rishaw Johnson (OL, Hammond, LA) - The State of Louisiana's top two offensive linemen have committed to Ole Miss and that has not sat well with the home state fans.

"Every store I go to somebody says something about LSU," stated Rishaw Johnson. "The same thing at school. They say the same things, like I need to be going to LSU and not Ole Miss. I just tell them we will see how it turns out, just to get them off of my back. The funny thing is that most of the time, it is people I do not even know."

Local pressure is nothing new to the recruiting world, and the LSU fans are not the only ones applying the pressure.

"Coach Henson (LSU assistant) calls and texts me a lot. He tells me about Tiger stadium and how he wants me to be a LSU Tiger. He also tells me how I could compete for early playing time because they are short on offensive linemen."

And what is Johnson's response?

"I just tell him that I am committed to Ole Miss, but you never know how it is going to turn out, but right now I am committed to Ole Miss."

Does Rishaw have any doubts about his commitment?

"I feel good about my decision. I just like their coaches, facilities, and everybody is so nice up there. Really, I just like everything about Ole Miss. It feels like home when I am up there."

When was the last time Rishaw was in contact with someone from Ole Miss?

"I talk to Coach Kehoe all of the time. We spoke on Monday. We talked about their loss to Mizzou. The turnovers killed them. Our team is having the same problem. We keep getting crucial turnovers at the wrong time. He told me to tell his RB's to hold on to the ball (laugh)."

Has Rishaw set up his official visits?

"I am going to take an official visit to Ole Miss on December 1st, but I am going up there unofficially for the Georgia game."

Have anymore coaches been in contact with Rishaw since the contact period started on September 1st.

"Coach McHale from FSU has been calling a lot and so has Coach Laketools from UConn."

And what is Coach McHale's message to Rishaw?

"He told me to keep playing hard, and if I wanted to to come to FSU, I still have a spot. He told me there was a lot of time to signing day, but I told him pretty much the same things as I told Coach Henson (from LSU)."

Rishaw is now trying to keep his focus on getting his first win.

"We are 0 - 2, but we have been playing pretty good. We just have had too many turnovers. If not for the fumbles, we would be 2-0."

Has Johnson seen any improvement in his game?

"I have been doing real good on defense. I have 4 tackles for losses and 2 sacks. On offense, I have graded out over 85% at left guard in each game. I am playing pretty good."

Rishaw had planned on transferring from Hammond to O. Perry Walker but eligibility issues arose.

"They said I was going to be ineligible if I transferred there, because I am from the East Bank and they are from the West Bank, so I decided to stay here. They told me I could not transfer outside of my district."

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