Why Jordan DeMercy choose FSU over Ole Miss

Jordan DeMercy (SF, Norcross, GA) - Jordan had the Rebels in the lead going into his final official visit with FSU this weekend, but something changed during the visit.

"I just felt like FSU was the best fit for me, so I committted. Everybody was real open and loving when I went down there and the facilities are great and it is in the ACC," added Jordan DeMercy.

What gave FSU the edge over Ole Miss?

"It was more so the facilities than anything else and playing in the ACC. Not to say that the staff at Ole Miss is not great, but FSU has one of the best shooting guard coaches in the country to work on my shot. And Coach Hamilton has coached in the NBA. He has connections."

Were the Ole Miss facilities a negative?

"Actually, their facilities were improved from what I had heard before I went on my visit. Everybody told me they were really bad. But they are building a practice facility, so that is good, but I guess you could say they were a negative compared to FSU. Another negative was that Ole Miss is in the middle of no where, and I am from Atlanta, so I am use to the city. Tallahassee has more of a city feel than Ole Miss."

Playing time was an important factor for Jordan. FSU informed DeMercy that he would now have a chance to be a big role for next year's squad after earlier feeling he would not.

"Coach Hamilton explained to me that he does not determine playing time until we get there. If I play good, I will get some playing time as a freshman because they rotate 10 players. By my sophomore year, there is a possibility I will get a starting spot."

The toughest part of the decision in choosing FSU over Ole Miss was missing out on an opportunity to play with one of his best friends and another AAU teammate.

"That was really the hardest part. Me and Keegan Bell had been talking about going to Ole Miss for a while, but I have to do what is best for me. I know Keegan and Zach Graham are going to have great careers with or without me."

What was Keegan Bell's reaction when Jordan told him he was now going to FSU?

"He has not answered my call. I have not talked to him since the LSU visit. He said it went well. He is actually at Vandy this weekend."

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