Keegan Bell to decide between three

Keegan Bell (PG, Hazel Green, AL) -'s #23 nationally ranked point guard finished his official visit tour on Sunday when he arrived back from Nashville.

"Vandy was just a lot of fun," stated Keegan Bell. "Every college I have been to has been fun. Ole Miss had that Southern feel. They have a real old and beautiful campus. LSU was just huge. And Vandy was kind of small in a big city."

Bell had a few comments about his Vandy visit.

"It was good. The people around there are always so nice. And the academic people, you know how you always think of Vandy as being kind of a geeky place, but they are actually pretty cool. Everybody there was great. It was a good time."

Is Keegan now finished with his official visits?

"I am thinking about going up to Missouri, but right now I think I have some good choices to choose from. I have a pretty good of what I am going to do, but I am not 100% yet. I am not sure if I will visit Missouri or not."

Missouri has joined Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, LSU, Vandy, and Illinois as schools who have offered, but it looks like this is a three way battle.

"The schools I visited are pretty much ahead of everybody. I have not totally closed the door yet, but Missouri is the only other school I am really looking at right now outside of the three schools (LSU, Vandy, Ole Miss) that I visited."

When could a decision be forthcoming?

"I do not know how long it will be. I just got back (from Vandy). I need to rest some. It could be tomorrow or it could be three weeks. I just need to break everything down."

What will Bell break down?

"The most important thing will be there style of play. I am also looking at my relationship with the coaches and players. And school wise, I will look at their campus. I will write down and compare and contrast the three colleges. After each trip, you are like I want to go here, and then you want to go to the school you visit visit. So I just want to take a few days away and make sure I am making the right decision."

One of Jordan's AAU teammates, Zach Graham, committed to Ole Miss a few weeks back. And another, Jordan DeMercy, was also contemplating joining Zach and possible Keegan to Mississippi, but Jordan decided to commit to Florida State this afternoon.

Could Jordan's decision impact Keegan's?

"It is not a negative for Ole Miss at all. He's my boy, but he has to do what he needs to do. I am just happy that he is happy. I will be rooting for him, as long as I am not playing him (laugh). It definitely was a plus for Ole Miss, but it is not taking anything away."

Playing uptempo has always been a key issue for Keegan, as evident by his 25 points and 11 assists per game average as a junior; so which college best fits his game?

"All of them say they are going to push it if I come, but Ole Miss has said it since day one. Coach Kennedy has been the most passionate about it. Look, I know there are going to be times to slow it down. I know the players are better and you can not just fast break every time down the court. I just like to play in an uptempo offense, and I know I will get that with Coach Kennedy. But all of the schools are saying they will push it if I come. That is what makes it so tough. I definitely like that it is going to be a big emphasis at all three schools."

Which college does Bell fit in best with the coaching staff?

"That is kind of hard. I am so close with all of them. I just have a tight bond with all three staffs. I would not give anyone the edge over the other. They are all great guys."

And the players?

Everyone has good guys, but to be honest, I definitely connected with the Vandy players. Maybe it is because I have been up there more and spent more time with them. Maybe it is because we have so much in common. I do not know, but I definitely connected with them really well."

The campus was the third major factor for Keegan; which one felt the most at home?

"I live in a small town. I would not say one is better than the other, but I really liked the fact that Vandy is so small. It is easy to get to. LSU is so huge, but it is nice. Ole Miss is smaller than LSU, but it is not as small as Vandy. I like small places because it makes it easier to meet people and get to your classes."

Anymore issues before Bell makes a decision?

"Another will be academics. Will it be good for me? I think all three schools have good degrees. Of course, Vandy's is great, but I think I can get a good degree at all three schools. My mom is an English professor so education is very important to me."

And what will Keegan major in?

"I am not sure yet. It will probably be something in business for public speaking."

Bell has not received his one allowed inhome visit from the head coaches at LSU, Ole Miss, and Vandy but expects for those to be scheduled in the near future. .

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