Special bond between father and son

Jamison Hughes (DB, Oxford, MS) - Jamison helped Oxford to its first undefeated regular season last year and the Chargers are headed in that direction again.

"We are 4-0 and looking pretty good," said the always confident Jamison Hughes. "We almost lost the Friday before to Senatobia, so it is not like we are unbeatable. We were down at half time, but we came together as a team and took care of business."

Jamison Hughes collected 52 tackles, 1 int, and 7 pass breakups last season and was looking for a lot of action on the island this year, but the opportunities have not come his way.

"I have not had but one pass thrown my way all year, and I broke it up. Nobody else has thrown it my way. It gets frustrating, but I know if I am taking care of one side of the field, then our team can concentrate on the other. Our defense is playing really good right now."

Hughes was going to play multiple positions this year but those plans seemed to have been altered.

"I am pretty much just playing corner this year. I get in a few snaps at receiver, every now and then. I had a two point conversion against Desoto Central, but that is about it. They did not move me to linebacker like they did in the Spring."

Jamison has now played the corner position for the second year in a row and improvements have been made.

"I am much more confident now. This is my last time around. I have gotten faster and better in the 1 on 1's. I read the offenses a little better. My overall game has gotten a lot better as I have gotten older and matured."

What does Jamison mean that this is his "last time around."

"Ole Miss is going to put me at strong safety, so this is my last time around at corner. It is kind of funny that they do not put me at safety in high school. Safety is really my natural position. I just moved to CB last year, but I feel more comfortable at safety."

What about Oxford's team; could they give it another run at an undefeated season?

"We are not quite where we need to be, but we are getting there. We are making too many stupid penalties and not playing as a team yet, but we are getting there. I think our defense is a whole lot better than last year. We are real young on offense, but we are good. We miss (Matt) Malouf, but they have stepped up their game too. When we all come together; we are going to be real dangerous."

Tony Hughes will be coaching his son at Ole Miss

Jamison has the luxury of having a father who knows the game of football, as he a defensive back coach for the University of Mississippi. So what is it like at dinner in the Hughes family?

"We talk football all of the time. I talk to him about Ole Miss, and he talks to me about Oxford. We have that kind of relationship. It is nothing but football and God around this house. It probably drives my mother crazy (laugh), but that is just the way it is around here. He helps me out a lot with my techniques and what to expect when I am out there. Dad is like a coach on and off of the field. He's the best."

The 6' 2", 192 Jamison Hughes committed to the Rebels early in the recruiting process and has not budged once from his commitment.

"Ole Miss is home away from home. I just know everything about it. I am comfortable with their staff and players. And having my dad there does not hurt either (laugh). He was a big part of my decision. Now I am just trying to get big (Johnathan) Frink to come with me. I am always in the locker room whispering good things about Ole Miss in his ear. I think he will end up at Ole Miss, hopefully."

Hughes predicts as a full qualifier as he has already achieved a passing score on the ACT test and carries a B average.


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