Facilities cost OM star basketball recruit

Keegan Bell (PG, Hazel Green, AL) - Ole Miss lost a key recruit for their '06 class when their star point guard prospect committed to Vandy.

"When I talked to you the last time, I had a good idea where I was going. I just had not talked to my parents about it yet, so I did not want to say anything. Everything was perfect at Vandy. The guys are great. The facilities are awesome. I have known their staff for a few years, but they just hired Coach King Rice. He is awesome. I think he is going to really help my game out a lot. I really felt a connection with him. But the guys (Vandy players) are great. I text messaged them today and they were all excited. I felt like they needed and wanted me. Nashville is also so close to home. My Dad can now have a chance to watch all of my games so he can experience my college career with me. And their gym is great. People hate to play at Vandy. They are a basketball school. They are the only school in the SEC that puts more of an emphasis on basketball than football," commented Keegan Bell.

When did Keegan inform the LSU and Ole Miss staffs about his decision?

"I informed LSU Monday night, but I just informed Ole Miss. That was the toughest call I have ever had to make. It came neck and neck with Ole Miss and Vandy. Ole Miss was tough to say no to because of Coaches White and Kennedy. Coach White is my favorite guy in the world, and Coach Kennedy is so cool and runs my type of offense. I thought LSU's style was a little iffy, and it was too far from home. They are a great school; it just was not the right fit for me. Ole Miss was what I was looking for but their facilities were not that great to me. They are not top of the line. That threw everything off. It just told me that Vandy was more serious about their program than Ole Miss, but it definitely was tough telling Ole Miss no because I liked everything else about them. I know Jordan (DeMercy) had the same feelings as I did. You tour their campus and everything is beautiful. You go to their football facilities and it is state of the art. We went by their baseball stadium and it was awesome, and then you go by their (basketball) arena, and it takes you back. It just tells you that they do not really care about their basketball program."

Did Keegan inform the Ole Miss staff why he was choosing another school?

"Yes, they were disappointed to hear that I was going to Vandy. I told them why I was going, and they just tried to sell the positives about Ole Miss, but I could tell they were upset."

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