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Ole Miss Offensive Line Coach Art Kehoe met the media recently, but it was apparent his mind was elsewhere. "Elsewhere" meaning working on getting his OL better. That's a pretty normal position for coaches when they feel they are so very close to accomplishing good things. Read about it inside.

Rebel Offensvie Line Coach Art Kehoe had a brief interlude with the media, patiently answering all questions until they stopped.

But the whole time, you could feel Kehoe would rather be doing something else.

No, this was not a case of him being irritated with the media or not being as cordial, helpful and accessible as he always is. Kehoe is a great interview, always obliging and always having something interesting and pertinent to say.

It was a matter of him wanting to get back to the drawing board of coaching his group of offensive linemen to greater heights.

"In the last two games, we didn't protect the passer the way we are supposed to. We are going to grind to get that fixed," Kehoe noted. "We were just a little off in the last two games up front. We can't be off. We have to be on up front. We'd make a mental mistake here, not finish a play there - it all adds up.

"We moved the ball on the ground and in the air against Kentucky, but we turned it over too many times. That doesn't have a lot to do with the OL, on the surface, but we're in this thing together. We have to take the stance that if we had given Brent Schaeffer more time to throw or protected him better, maybe we wouldn't have had the interception or the fumbles."

Having said all that, Kehoe believes the same thing the players mentioned after the game and in followup interviews this week - the Rebel offense is "close."

"I think we are very close to having a breakout game, but you have to show that on Saturday. You have to play the game and produce in the game," Kehoe stated. "We'll see. I feel we are doing some things very well and just need to tighten up in some areas and we'll get there."

Sophomore David Traxler replaced starting Right Tackle Darryl Harris in the Kentucky game when Harris went out with an injury. How'd Trax grade, coach?

"David held his own, gave good effort, didn't make mental mistakes - he played pretty decent and we needed that at that time," Art continued. "He got beat a few times, but everybody did, but as far as his effort and his communication, he did fine and I'm glad we had him."

Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron said Traxler might be his choice to start against Wake Forest. Some of that decision has to do with Harris not being available, which O stated yesterday, but part of it is because Traxler did a good job versus the Wildcats.

Kehoe said the Rebel OL will fix the offsides penalties experienced in the Kentucky game and the key fumbled snap will also be worked on.

"We hadn't done any of those things in the first two games, so we are not going to panic over it, but we will fix it this week in practice," he declared.

With that, Kehoe exited the room.

Time to go back to work.

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