Ole Miss Recruiting Chat Session

Each Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:00 pm we hold a recruiting chat session in the chat room for all of the Ole Miss subsribers.

What goes on in the chat room?

Lots of fast and good Ole Miss recruiting questions, silly questions, serious questions, mis-spelled words, bad grammar, and most importantly, entertainment for the masses.

Below is the transcript from yesterday's chat session.:

yancyporter:: Let the chat session begin

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bdpreb:: They beat UCONN 24-13..something like that
bluecamel:: who are our private commitments
bluecamel:: lol
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rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy,, Can you do an interview with McCray and Brown to find out where we stand?
bjlanier:: got any good stuff for us tonight yancy?
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bluecamel:: anything new on prospects from cali
yancyporter:: RebelCrazy, spoke to McCray last week. Said he will still visit Ole Miss. Have had a hard time getting in touch with Brown.
ColonelDino:: We've got the players on our team, they're red hot, RED HOT!
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Ryreb:: well it is early...I dont think you started the chat session this early last year
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rebelcrazy2001:: Add Garcia to that list as well.
yancyporter:: BlueCamel, no new news on Cali prospects. Staff has been on the road the last two weeks, so they have not been on the road to evaluate. Probably in the next few weeks you will start to hear some news on Cali prospects.
bluecamel:: thanks
yancyporter:: Getting in touch with Garcia is like winning the lotto.
bwmemphis:: Yancy - what do you hear about the Rebs chances/interest with Roderick Davis from Woodale in Memphis?
Ryreb:: Assuming Powe gets everything in order, Will he count against the this years 25 or count against one of the schollies we should still be under as a team?
bluecamel:: sounds like you have a better chance getting in touch with garcia than us signing him
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yancyporter:: They have been in Davis' Top 2 from day one. Should be a battle with Tenn down to the end.
bjlanier:: yancy, any chance with this rolle kid from miami?
bhmreb:: is davis going to have trouble qualifying?
yancyporter:: Powe will sign in February, so he would count against this year's number. he can not make up the needed courses in time to sign in Dec
rebelcrazy2001:: Is Scout still giving away the new car to the first person to interview Noel Devine?
MemphisRebel82:: Yancy- Have you even heard anything through the grapevine on what college Noel Devine will end up at and if he will come close to qualifying, or is it a complete and total mystery to everyone??
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bluecamel:: do you see us going after davis that hard since we are full at wr?
yancyporter:: Rolle continues to speak highly of Ole Miss. Maybe he can play some CB too.
bluecamel:: which rolle, there is like ten of them this year
guest1997:: yancy, do the recruits understand our depth & inexperience problems?
yancyporter:: Noel Devine, you get more than a car:) Terrible thing about Noel is that he was not selected to Army All-American game, and I think in large part due to the inability to get a hold of him.
MemphisRebel82:: Are we legitimately in the game with Noel?
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bdpreb:: Yancy, any recent news on Alex Washington?
rebelcrazy2001:: are your sources still telling you we have a shot with Devine?
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yancyporter:: Guest1997, I try to stay away from Ole Miss' problems or any school's when I talk to the recruits. Nothing positive or negative for any school, just question and answer. But for the ones that are committed, they might go into it. Things look shaky for this year' team to some of them.
bluecamel:: hell i would drive down to his high school and interview him after practice for a new car
yancyporter:: MemphisRebel, since I have never spoken to Noel, I really have no clue.
rebNtyler:: yancy, have you talked to borky lately
MemphisRebel82:: thanks Yancy
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yancyporter:: Still look good for Alex. Ole Miss has stayed on him from day one, and I think that will pay dividends in the end.
rebelcrazy2001:: Are we still in the running with the mystery lineman from FL?
bjlanier:: mystery lineman?
bluecamel:: how do you see december shaking out for us, what positions do you see us signing, besides levy and vaughn
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rebelcrazy2001:: didn't I hear something about a mystery OL from FL
bjlanier:: nevis
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bjlanier:: not nevis...gales should be in December
yancyporter:: These last 9 or so slots that are left to fill because they simply can not miss, and they have 30 or so ready to take the slots but only 9 to give. The talent level on the roster is very low (excluding the freshman class) so things are at a critical point. Do not expect a slew of commitments until the end of the recruiting season.
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yancyporter:: RebelCrazy, who said Florida? but yes, they are still in the game.
rebelcrazy2001:: ok my bad i thought i heard fl.
bjlanier:: ha, what state may it be yancy?
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FortWorthReb:: Yancy does the staff still feel good about the current commits
Spiritreb:: Our freshman class talent is Low!?
bluecamel:: he said excluding
guest1997:: spire, soph, jr, and senori are low
rebelcrazy2001:: Are we out of it for the west monroe guys?
MemphisRebel82:: Yancy- obviously without naming any names, do you think the staff still feels as high about the current commits as they always have? Or could we have a situation where we cool on a commit?
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yancyporter:: Bluecamel, they need a juco CB (in my opinion) to sign in Dec. And you know they would like to add at least one DT in DEC, if not more. Add in Dion Gales, Vaughn, and Levy, and that might seal it, unless they can sign a stud LB in Dec.
Spiritreb:: opps read it again, check.
SpankyCalhoun:: Not by what I have seen from our freshmen class
rebNtyler:: yancy, comment on borky situation
yancyporter:: Fortworth, they think they are ahead of last year's class, if that tells you anything.
bjlanier:: would love to see turenne be that dec CB signee
guest1997:: yancy, any news on powe?
yancyporter:: SpiritReb, freshman class is high on talent, rest are not.
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RSavoie:: yancy, are there any major names for juco CB's you think we are in on?
rebelcrazy2001:: I'd like to get Turenne, Jackson, and Byrd
bluecamel:: agree crazy
bwmemphis:: yancy - do you think aubrey mcfadden ever sets foot on the Ole Miss campus again?
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bjlanier:: i doubt we take jackson and byrd
rebelcrazy2001:: T-bob Hebert? Ole Miss or LSU?
bluecamel:: but i would take only one juco wr, i really think our freshman wr plus hicks and burnell are going to be great next year
rebelcrazy2001:: BJ either /ot then
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rodney172:: Yancy what do the coaches think about Rashad Henry
yancyporter:: RebelCrazy, West Monroe guys will still most likely take a visit, in my opinion. But that is just my opinion. I do think the losses will hurt the Rebs will Will and Luther is so hard to predict, who knows.
bluecamel:: if tbob wants early playing time come here
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yancyporter:: RSavoie, not off of the top of my head. I am sure we will learn that info later on. They had to evaluate where their current roster was this fall and sign for needs in Dec. It looks like CB has become a bigger need than originally projected.
MemphisRebel82:: well so much for getting 'em both!
RSavoie:: k, thanks
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FortWorthReb:: Yancy your gut on QB for this year
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MemphisRebel82:: Yancy- how big of a gap do they have between Borky and Weatherford in their evaluations? Do they see them being pretty close, talent-wise?
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bjlanier:: yeh, i would say CB is a big need
yancyporter:: QB looks to be a mystery. I sure hope they sign a stud, because they simply can not afford not to. If they can not, just pass on one, too many needs to sign a so/so QB.
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rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy T-Bob Ole Miss or LSU?
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yancyporter:: I think Borky has been rated #2 behind Garcia the whole time but that could change.
bluecamel:: interesting that arizona state is starting a soph at qb and he is doing great, wonder if that is effecting nick foles any
bhmreb:: is Borcky a soso type
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yancyporter:: Rebelcrazy, man, that is too hard to tell. We will have to see how the losing effects T-Bob. These losses are going to hurt Ole Miss with some recruits. You can count on that.
yancyporter:: Bhmreb, that is not my place to say.
EdAbbey:: Will the losses hurt Ole Miss with any current commits?
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bhmreb:: lol, thought i ask anyway
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bluecamel:: surely our commitments can see that we need players and that playing time is almost a given
bjlanier:: yancy, who do you think is the shakiest of the current commits?
rebelcrazy2001:: Depth on tthe DL is killing us. that and no continuity on offense, wish Schaeffer had got here earlier
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yancyporter:: EdAbbey, I think you could see one or two possible get "soft" due to the losses, but in the end, they have sunk their teeth too far into the commits for it to have a big impact.
unrighteousreb:: did anyone expect us to be 3-0 at this point
recon684:: Yancey, just read about Jamison Hughes. Said he's working on Frink, do you get a good feeling about Frink?
EdAbbey:: Good
bluecamel:: i think the continuity issue can be attributed to schaeffers late arrival and a whole slew of new faces
MeanMachine1:: Yancy do you thik EO targeted two few DTs the last two years or just couldn't close on enough
yancyporter:: Understand, bhmreb
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bjlanier:: yancy, any chance j hughes will be tried at CB when he gets on campus to our lack of depth there?
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yancyporter:: Yes, very good feeling with Frink. He would be a huge blow if he did not commit to Ole Miss. Frink equals stud at a position they need them.
bluecamel:: personally i think frink too slow to play lb, we have too many slow lbs right now
SpankyCalhoun:: It really bothers me some that we had to stick our foot up Schaffer's butt to get to take care of bussiness
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yancyporter:: bjlanier, too big to play CB (Jamison Hughes).
EdAbbey:: Yancy, how is Vaughn the CB coming along?
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rebelcrazy2001:: Chris Donald are we still in the game or is it a ND/UT battle?
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bluecamel:: commitments are too big to play cb and our current CB are too small...lol
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yancyporter:: EdAbbey, I thought Vaughan was the best CB during the scrimmages I watched.
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bjlanier:: so who do you think we take at CB? it seems the only name i hear coming up (of non-commits) is turenne
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MeanMachine1:: Yancy my DT question?
quietriot:: yancy, are we recruiting Vince Vance???
yancyporter:: Rebelcrazy, Ole Miss running in 3rd for Chris Donald.
MeanMachine1:: Did they target too few or miss on too many?
MemphisRebel82:: I want Donovan Warren at CB. Kid looks like a gamer.
EdAbbey:: quiet, VV sounds like a country singer
rebelcrazy2001:: Wi;ll Donald visit officially?
yancyporter:: Woodny Turrene would be huge for Ole Miss. Best cover CB probably in the country. Ole Miss is in a close second to Fl for his services.
rebscout:: very surprised vaughn hasn't been given a shot at CB
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yancyporter:: Meanmachine, missed DT question.
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rebscout:: Donald's interviews suggest he is not coming to visit in Oxford.
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yancyporter:: Never heard of Vince Vance. Fill us in.
GrizzReb:: Yancy I just hope they give Cassius a chance,he is a good corner and will learn quickly
MeanMachine1:: Do you think we targeted too few DTs the last two years or just missed on too many
DeliDave:: Does Walter Thomas have a chance to graduate?
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yancyporter:: Rebscout, Donald tells Ole Miss every week he will take a visit. We shall see.
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MeanMachine1:: Nick Vance's boy maybe
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bluecamel:: who is nick vance
bluecamel:: ?
recon684:: Yancey, will Gales be here in Dec.?
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bjlanier:: i'd like to see us get diggs, atterbery, turenne, and warren or murray as our CBs from that class
unrighteousreb:: anything on this planet is better than what we have seen with banks the first 3 games
MemphisRebel82:: Who knows with Donald. Sometimes when a kid is torn between two schools, ironically that is when a third school and come in there and snag him, IMO
yancyporter:: MeanMachine, good question, and being in the position they are in, they simply did not sign enough DT's. I am not sure if it is because they targeted too few or missed on too many, just not enough signed is about all I know.
jedirebel:: Syble vance's brother
rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy have you talked to Darius Barksdale yet?
MeanMachine1:: Thanks Yancy...I agree
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yancyporter:: Recon684, Dion says he will graduate in Dec. We shall see. He is a juco guy, and we all know how that goes
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yancyporter:: Spoken to P
rebscout:: yancy- why is jazzman guy the number 3 rated player by scout? Did O even offer him?
DeliDave:: Yancy - does Walter Thomas have a chance to graduate???
quietriot:: yancy, did running back Shawnbrey McNeal orally commit to Texas A&M???
yancyporter:: Spoken to Pig (Barksdale) a couple of times. He loves Ole Miss.
RSavoie:: yancy, is your concern about the QB situation motivated by doubts on Cliff Davis and Michael Herrick?
jedirebel:: Yancy Inyour opinion what were our greatest needs going into recruiting last year?
MeanMachine1:: WE have absolutely offered Guy
yancyporter:: Rebscout, Ole Miss was not as high on Guy as scout.
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yancyporter:: DeliDave, I hear Thomas is D11 bound, for sure.
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bluecamel:: northwest seems to have problems qualifying players
rebelcrazy2001:: Has Ole Miss offered Pig( Barksdale) yet?
recon684:: Yancey, is it legal for commitments to call other prospects to influence them
DeliDave:: It is a shame - we could use him
MeanMachine1:: If you are hanging your future on a guy Herrick's size and a guy who has been out of FB for 4 years it is sketchy
yancyporter:: RSavoie, until Davis and Herrick can prove they can win on this level, you have to recruit as if they are not. At least that is how I see it.
yancyporter:: Yes, Pig has been offered.
MeanMachine1:: Now we seem to have all our eggs in the Garcia basket as far as bluechips go...scary
RSavoie:: k, good logic...was just curious if anything in particular had prompted it
yancyporter:: Recon, yes, players can call other players. Happens everywhere/every year.
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bluecamel:: is it true that werner is the only one recruiting qb?
bjlanier:: would love to see Pig pull a Strong and commit right around signing day this year
MemphisRebel82:: Yancy- this may be a Scott Kennedy question but do you think Barksdale could make a run at being the #1 Safety in the nation next year? I think he should be.
recon684:: Is Powe back home or where?
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bluecamel:: pig a cb right?
yancyporter:: RSavioe, I have not heard anything pro or con on either. Practices are closed, so it is hard for me to give you an opinion.
bjlanier:: fwiw, i've seen barksdale in the top 5 for that class in more than one publication
MeanMachine1:: from what Scott said a while back I would say yes...but he is a CB
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quietriot:: what about 6-8, 285-pound OL Vince Vance???
MemphisRebel82:: I thought Barksdale projected as a safety?
yancyporter:: Yes, Bluecamal, Werner just recruits QB's. No territory, just a position.
DeliDave:: In late - Yancy - do we have a legit chance at Garcia?
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rebscout:: quiet- put him at power forward.
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rebelcrazy2001:: Scott has said Barksdale is the #1 safety in the country, and a top 5 guy regardless of position
bluecamel:: seems werner is very picky....lol
MeanMachine1:: we better Deli
DeliDave:: or is he headed to SC
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yancyporter:: Pig could end up at CB or safety. Kind of hard to say, but I project safety because of size.
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quietriot:: lol, scout...but believe BB recruiting is in good hands with AK...
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crabtrap:: Yancy- any thoughts on these QB comments? I think we may be in trouble
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bluecamel:: what size is pig, i thought he was in the 5-11 range
bjlanier:: i saw a high school football magazine he Pig was #2 for that class behind AJ Green (WR out of SC, hands down #1 for 08
yancyporter:: Garcia is still telling Ole Miss they are in the Top 3.
bjlanier:: i thought pig is like 6-2
quietriot:: DL Jarius Wynn???
SpankyCalhoun:: AMEN to the BB situation, AK was a top notch catch
yancyporter:: Thoughts on QB comments. It is what it is. Looks thin for big time candidates.
crabtrap:: Top 3 yes. But don't you get the feeling he is SC bound?
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quietriot:: DL Corvey Irvin???
rebelcrazy2001:: Is Pig close to Strong, Diggs, and Griffin?
rebscout:: Good to have a bb coach on campus that actually recruits.
MeanMachine1:: Never seems to work well when he is telling us that but is not mentioning us to other reporters...I hope so though
bhmreb:: Yancy, does the staff still plan on siging 2 TE's this year
bdpreb:: Yancy, has Garcia only been to OM one time?
bjlanier:: crab, no offense, but i think EVERYONE gets that feeling
MemphisRebel82:: Yancy- are there any realistic chances of a QB that is committed elsewhere getting a little soft and looking our way?
yancyporter:: Yes, Pigg is related to all three.
RSavoie:: yancy, do you think we will end up like Bama did on t. tebow last year? (in that we're the odd man out due to focusing exclusively on one qb with no backup plan)
MeanMachine1:: Seems awful risky on Garcia...why no other bigtime guys I wonder/
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FortWorthReb:: Bottom line we need a major win or 2 this year to turn some kids
yancyporter:: Bhmreb, still two for now.
bjlanier:: it seems to me this year's QB class as a whole seems thin
MeanMachine1:: We cannot afford it like Bama MAY can
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MemphisRebel82:: Tim Tebow is gonna transfer here after this season anyway
unrighteousreb:: Speaking of Tebow- boy would I love to have one of him-
jcsReb:: Anybody have 3 UGa tickets for sales on the west side?
rebelcrazy2001:: How good is Quinn Sanford from SP?
yancyporter:: Garcia has only been to Ole Miss one time.
recon684:: Yancey, know it's early but do you feel Kenny Davis at Tupelo will stay solid.
rebscout:: Has tebow thrown a pass yet?
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MeanMachine1:: So far he looks like Robert Lane to me...
MemphisRebel82:: Tebow and Mustain are gonna room here when they transfer after this season
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MeanMachine1:: Lane did that same stuff in 04
jcsReb:: I need (3) UGA tickets. Call me at 214-213-1132
unrighteousreb:: lol
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jcsReb:: I will pay for 4 if that is what you have.
yancyporter:: Recon, gosh, I have no clue, but I have not heard anything that would say he would not.
quietriot:: Only if Mitch's dad's band will play the Grove!!!
bjlanier:: hahaha, questions on whether or 08 commit is going to stay solid...recruiting sure has changed!
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rebscout:: jcs- 8:00 game- should be some tickets.
SavageReb:: Dave Mustaine
MeanMachine1:: Mustain and Stafford look incredible so far to me
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bluecamel:: we have won with guys like stewart patridge, and romaro miller ,surely would could find one of those in the united states
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quietriot:: there you go, savage...
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unrighteousreb:: write it down-tebow will be an All SEC qb if not All- American
quietriot:: Megadeth!!!
bjlanier:: borcky seems in that mold camel
MemphisRebel82:: Mustain is gonna end up being like Matt   Jones but without the 4.4 speed. It will seem like he is at Arkansas for 15 years before he finally graduates.
yancyporter:: Mustain and Stafford are studs. I am jealous.
EdAbbey:: Romaro was a Parade AA.
SavageReb:: ah...the high school days
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rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy how good is Quinn Sanford from USP?
quietriot:: no doubt...
MeanMachine1:: yep
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unrighteousreb:: I agree-both look very good
SavageReb:: Mustaine to transfer here when Houston Nutt is fired at season's end
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ColonelDino:: Plenty of good tickets left for all home games, both sides
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MemphisRebel82:: Stafford will crack under the immense pressure of performing under the lights at Vaught Hemingway stadium on a ..... oh hell I can't finish
ColonelDino:: Sans Russell
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MeanMachine1:: Teabow has to show me he can throw...but I am sure he will be good in that offense
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PrincetonReb:: Not trying to change subjects, but who is the likely 3rd candidate at LB for 2007?
yancyporter:: Sanford moved to OT this year and looks good. I have only seen him play one game at OT, so it is too early to tell. Good frame and footwork though.
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MeanMachine1:: Of COurse I think Lane would be also...or WVU
bjlanier:: frink
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crabtrap:: damn. How many Sanfords are there?
EdAbbey:: How big is Sanford?
quietriot:: Yancy, Vince Vance, Jarius Wynn and Corvey Irvin???
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MeanMachine1:: good one 82
yancyporter:: PrincetonReb, I would say Frink.
unrighteousreb:: Ga will beat us like a wet mule
bjlanier:: haha, there are TONS of sanfords
MemphisRebel82:: Yancy is frink projected at MLB? or outside? Looks like a MLB.
rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy will you be at the game saturday?
SavageReb:: when Coker is fired...and if he is available at year's end...and CEO wants to do it...I wouldn't mind picking up Randy Shannon as DC
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PrincetonReb:: Forgot about J.Frink.....are we going after any surprises in the Secondary....that is a position that I am worried about!
yancyporter:: There are more Sanfords in Batesville than a man can keep up with, ditto for Griffin's, Strong's, Barksdale's
EdAbbey:: I agree, Savage.
bjlanier:: if we get shannon at DC, that would be HUGE
MeanMachine1:: I would take anybody as DC...
MeanMachine1:: Shannon would be great IMO
SavageReb:: me too
yancyporter:: Frink is MLB. Too big and not quick enough for OLB.
MeanMachine1:: I would take Matt Lubick
MemphisRebel82:: I will cry tears of joy if we get shannon.
bjlanier:: shannon could recruit this area very well too
SavageReb:: would you take Sockless Joe Lee MM?
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MeanMachine1:: No...not a JLD fan at all
EdAbbey:: Yancy, how big is Q. Sanford?
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ColonelDino:: Shannon would be reeeeeeeeddddd hot, RED HOT!
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rebelcrazy2001:: BTW, Miami area has a ton of recruits on next year's top 100? Hope our coaches can use some of those connections
yancyporter:: PrincetonReb, secondary could be filled by some Florida guys. There are always a million of them in the sunshine state.
SavageReb:: that would solve our DT problem.....sometimes JLD only plays 1 down linemen
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yancyporter:: Quin is about 6' 4", 280 right now, but that is a true 6' 4"
PrincetonReb:: No doubt, Yancy, but we do not have a good track record in keeping some of those guys....
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SavageReb:: Our Miami connection might be able to bring in Shannon...if CEO went that route
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DeliDave:: Yancy - what are your thoughts on McCray from florida
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RSavoie:: Yancy, it seems like everyone has cooled on Darious Young (wr) due to his slow 40 time.....are we still hot after him at all?
unrighteousreb:: is there sameone who can replace Banks ? LOL
PrincetonReb:: Seems like we get burned in FL more than we win out...
yancyporter:: PrincetonReb, that is their job to evaluate the right guys.
MeanMachine1:: I think he has to hire a DC this November
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UMAlum94:: This year is a big difference, but how can you argue last years defense was good, Coach O was the DC then and they finished 29th overall, given the good players, O can coach the defense, would be good to have Shannon though
MFBREBEL:: Who really thinks O will give up the DC position??
rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy any word on when Powe finds out if this school will let him in, the school the NCAA would approve of
SavageReb:: you might be right Mean Machine
yancyporter:: I have had a good feeling about McCray for a long time. Not sure what these losses will do, but we shall see.
MeanMachine1:: Last year's D was not that good...got shelled by some bad teams
sesquiculus:: do the coaches see McCray at DT or DE
UMAlum94:: meant to say last years D "wasn't" good
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EdAbbey:: Yancy, where are we with DEs Rae Sykes and Rufus Williams?
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bjlanier:: last year's D got worn out by the end of the year
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yancyporter:: Rebelcrazy, still no word on Powe and if he has been accepted. By that, I mean, nothing has been finalized. It is an "open" enrollment, so the time frame is not an issue.
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MeanMachine1:: playing well agaisnt Bama's anemic O last year isn't sayign much to me
bjlanier:: ole rufus, haven't heard much on him lately
DeliDave:: Mean - it was still better than this year
UMAlum94:: The secondary was as high as 13th at one point, sure miss Travis Johnson
SavageReb:: Last years D looked good IMHO most of the time...last years problem was every offensive series for us was 3 and out
MeanMachine1:: absolutely
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quietriot:: DOES ANYBODY know how we stand with Vince Vance, Corvey Irvin and Jarius Wynn???
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GrizzReb:: We need to beat Wake and show improvement
rebelcrazy2001:: Last year's D WAS good but the Offense couldn't keep them off the feild
yancyporter:: McCray will be a DT on the next level, although I think he wants to "hear" he will be a DE.
ColonelDino:: Yancy, have we got the coaches on our team that are reeeeddddd hot, RED HOT?
RSavoie:: Yancy, has everyone cooled on Darious Young (wr) cause of his 40 time or are we still hard after him?
recon684:: Yancey, where do we stand with Alex Washington
bjlanier:: yancy, i thought you had said our coaches saw McCray as a DE?
DeliDave:: tell him he will be a de here
quietriot:: IMMEDIATE OL and DL help with those 3...
SavageReb:: sometimes last years offense didn't even make to 4th down....TOs
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MrRebReb:: Yancy, do you detect any MSU commits having second thoughts and our coaches may be making headway in getting them to visit OM?
sesquiculus:: McCray would easily as good of DL recruits in the SEC
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PrincetonReb:: i.e. Atterbery?
yancyporter:: RSavoie, I think Young's 40 hurt him with several schools but the kid is still a player. Sometimes you need to look past 40 times..
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RSavoie:: k, thanks
EdAbbey:: Yancy, Rae Sykes and Rufus Williams?
SavageReb:: having said all of that....I still would not mind bringing in Randy Shannon as DC if he is available
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yancyporter:: MrReb, I am sure some of the MSU commits will have doubts due to their season, but they will most likely hold on to the majority of them., just as Ole Miss will.
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yancyporter:: Rae Sykes has always been a long shot, but Rufus still has Ole Miss on his mind.
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DeliDave:: Yancy - of all our commits - who might jump? If any
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SavageReb:: Fred Sanford has Rollo recruiting for him now...probably right Yancy
bjlanier:: yancy, can we get a rufus interview soon?
MFBREBEL:: How does our season differ from MSU's???
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rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy Laurent and Strong in the Army AA game?
recon684:: Yancey, how's your daughter, sleeping at night?
yancyporter:: Deli, have not heard any waiver yet, so that is hard to say. Still worry about Gales because of this "NFL" thing. That means winning could influence his decision.
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EdAbbey:: Gales would be a big loss.
yancyporter:: RebelCrazy, I am not at liberty to comment on who has made the Army All-American game. That would spoil the press conferences.
DeliDave:: hope we keep Drake and ole Ted for sure
MrRebReb:: MFBRebel, difference? MSU has 23 seniors and we have 9
MeanMachine1:: I am really worried about our LA guys...I don't know why
RSavoie:: Yancy, who was the recruit coach O talked to in cajun french?
stobrod:: yancy...gimme odds on us winning 6 this year
yancyporter:: Laurent and Strong are must keeps. You simply can not lose those guys.
MeanMachine1:: If we Hold Nevis and Johnson I will be impressed
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MeanMachine1:: absolutely Yancy
bjlanier:: i'm not worried about nevis...don't think he'd go anywhere over OM except maybe LSU...and LSU ain't offering nevis
SavageReb:: Laurent is the one to worry most about...my gosh, he will start day one...unless we bring in a few Juco DTs in the Spring
yancyporter:: RSavoie, I do not know.
bjlanier:: wait, strong at DT?
rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy Did Kodi Burns drop OM down because we didn't want him as a QB?
MFBREBEL:: MRRebReb I differ from your opinion
MeanMachine1:: Strong will be a DE or DT
MrRebReb:: not opinion, fact
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PrincetonReb:: Chris Strong = Chris Herring (Big LB in HS) (DE--DL in college)
yancyporter:: Kodi knew Ole Miss was not as high on him at QB as AU and Arkansas.
SavageReb:: Strong and Laurent on that DL...I like it
EdAbbey:: Wow, he is already up to 270? How tall is he?
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MFBREBEL:: Based on number of seniors MSU can offer earlier playinig time than us
MeanMachine1:: Almost impossible for Strong to stay at LB
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yancyporter:: Strong is 6' 3", witnessed him getting measured at the camp.
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quietriot:: good one, savage...
jbreb:: Struck out on our PG CRAP
SAKSREB joined
DeliDave:: Strong similar to Herring at LB in Highschool and hands down at the next level
SavageReb:: but not going out on a limb on Powe
MFBREBEL:: Hope Strong has a different attitude from Hering on idea of playing another position
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MrRebReb:: MSU's recruiting almost complete...except for a couple they may lose to us
UMAlum94:: Pete Boones comments led me to believe Powe would never be considered for entry into Ole Miss as long as he was AD. Anyone else think that?
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RSavoie:: Yancy, does Johnny Brown end up at RB or CB (i used to think RB but with werner not even using Mico as a scat back i'm thinking CB now)
rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy how does Strong feel about playing DL?
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MrRebReb:: Some good recruits for MSU but not top 25 class
SavageReb:: so what does the OL look like for next year?
jbreb:: CB
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UMAlum94:: He said , we must put it behind us and "move on". How encouraging is that?
jbreb:: Has it been announced that Bell chose Vandy
MeanMachine1:: Our OL will be anchored by two studs next year in Oher and Jerry
jcsReb:: Anybody here have 3 or 4 UGA tickets to sale on the west side?
yancyporter:: UMAlum, it is in the works to get Powe in here by this summer.
bdpreb:: RSavoie , I've heard Mico has attitude problems
GrizzReb:: Those players would be the best front 4 Ole Miss has had in a long,long time
ColonelDino:: Pete Boone is reeeeeddddd hot, RED HOT
SavageReb:: agree on that Mean Machine...plus, I think Traxler will be ready to go
MeanMachine1:: Actis will be solid and Harris is solid not great
UMAlum94:: Thanks Yancy, I had not heard that.
recon684:: Did Bell commit to Vandy?
dsrebs:: Boon doesn't control admissions
RSavoie:: bdpreb, where'd you hear that?
yancyporter:: Rebelcrazy, I do not know.
jbreb:: YES to VANDY
BDReb:: did bell choose vandy?
bjlanier:: damnit....really wanted bell
rayinfulton:: i think vandy has a damn good coach
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MeanMachine1:: damn
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quietriot:: are will still pursuing running back Shawnbrey McNeal and did he recently orally commit to Texas A&M???
yancyporter:: Bell commit to Vandy? Not unless it just happened today.
MrRebReb:: Yancy, the next time you talk with Powe, tell him we are pulling for him. Tell him we appreciate his loyalty and determination
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SavageReb:: one more to that list Mean, I think Reid Neely will be ready...problaby not ready to start at seasons beginning...but play a lot
EdAbbey:: Yancy, what's Strong's take on playing DL in the future?
jbreb:: It did, check the front page
MeanMachine1:: I like Neely
yancyporter:: Powe knows everybody is pulling for him.
bjlanier:: mcneal committed to a&m on ESPNU
SavageReb:: Hope Levy clears...we need his height at WR
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OM244:: Yancy, does Powe have an agreement from the NCAA on what it will take to get qualified?
yancyporter:: EdAbbey, do not know what Strong thinks about playing DL. Probably does not like it right now, but when he is 300 pounds, it really will not matter.
recon684:: Is Levey on campus and doing what?
MeanMachine1:: Levy needed a year or two anyway
UMAlum94:: Yancy, Hall made me think Saturday about how Eason is practicing, does he have a quick first step like Hall? What do you think is hodling him back from palying? I know he was on special teams this past Sat.
BDReb:: om244-good question
quietriot:: thanks, bj...since oral commits are non-binding, do we stay after him???
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rebelcrazy2001:: how many more commitments can the baseball team take this year?
jbleezy:: yancy, you see jamison hughes playing what position for us?
yancyporter:: Levy is training with a personal trainer back home. Still waiting to hear his verdict from the NCAA.
SavageReb:: Now that reality has set in, just going to have to roll the dice with what we have this season....and see what happens
MeanMachine1:: OLB or S
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bjlanier:: baseball can take at least 5 or so more i'd guess...probably closer to 10
quietriot:: Eason was on special teams against Mizzou, too...
OM244:: Yancy, does Powe have an agreement from the NCAA on what it will take to get qualified?
cjgreb:: Levy still in Kosy waiting on ncaa
recon684:: Hughes=strong safety
MFBREBEL:: I don't think Eason played last week
rankinreb:: yancy what about the powe question
bluecamel:: oh god, will this be chris herring all over again regarding strong and dt
recon684:: Eason was in on kickoffs
rayinfulton:: i wouldn't take the ncaa's word for anything
yancyporter:: Says up top Bell to Vandy. That one hurts, ouch!!
Zrebel:: yancy- will Gary Grays' decision to go to Notre Dame affect Garcia? Gray is big time and had been recruiting Garcia to go to Carolina w/ him. Gray made the switch this weekend in South Bend from Carolina..
BDReb:: does powe have written agreement?
WBRRebel:: yancy i just got on...sorry if you already answered...what about atterberry???
rayinfulton:: he has to take more classes in less time than they allowed before doesn't he?
OM244:: Yancy, does Powe have an agreement from the NCAA on what it will take to get qualified?
bwmemphis:: yancy - what's the deal with Atterbury? Is the Levy hold up hurting us with him, have we cooled, or has he simply decided MSU is the best place for him?
bjlanier:: Z, i live here in SC, and i don't think so
bjlanier:: garcia is really sold on columbia, and spurrier
MFBREBEL:: Surely we are not going to waste a year with Eason just on special teams
yancyporter:: OM244, that is what they are waiting on, a written agreement before he goes through all of this again. When it is in writting, and he is accepted into the school they are trying to get him into, then the ducks will be in a row to get him in by this summer. If not, then all bets are off.
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PrincetonReb:: After reading the interview from Bell, my read was that he was leaning to Vandy
MrRebReb:: Yancy, surprised Bell committed to Vandy?
SavageReb:: too bad we can't pick up a couple of free agent DT's from Juco or any other school....lol
OM244:: ahhh .. the beauty of F5 .. can ask the same question over and over lol
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jbreb:: Attebery ewnt back to the dark side from what I heard
yancyporter:: ZRebel, I do not know.
PrincetonReb:: He will do well there, maybe a Kevin Anglin clone.
MeanMachine1:: I really wonder about us playing Garcia this way...hope it pays off
quietriot:: then why is Garcia wearing Ole Miss stuff to school???
rankinreb:: what school yancy
yancyporter:: Atterberry keeps going back and forth.
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OM244:: yancy . . would that be another correspondence school?
MrRebReb:: who wants to wear a chicken t shirt?
yancyporter:: RankinReb, if I told you which school, I would have to kill you
rankinreb:: lol
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OM244:: gotcha .. kill rankin not me
quietriot:: it's not a chicken, it's a cock...
rankinreb:: is it TN
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yancyporter:: OM244, no such thing as a correspondence school. But to answer your question, no, this is a school, not internet classes.
EdAbbey:: AU Sociology
bluecamel:: lol
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SavageReb:: Sgt Porter's response, "I know NOTHING"
OM244:: thanks .. you know what I meant .. thanks for reading between the lines
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dsrebs:: HOTTY TODDY
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EdAbbey:: Yancy, does Porter project at DE or DT?
yancyporter:: Porter projects as DE.
MeanMachine1:: I am ready to move on with regards to Powe...god luck and I hope he plays here but this thing is over for now
rankinreb:: yancy i am expcting a battle for nevis and laurent. how do you see it
rebelcrazy2001:: FWIW, Stanley Porter is going to be a STUD, too
SavageReb:: agree Mean
bluecamel:: oh i thouhgt yall were talking about little porter
EdAbbey:: Last ?, Yancy. How is J. Garrett doing?
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bluecamel:: by the way any relation to stanley, yancy?
dsrebs:: If you have trouble reading chat hold down CTRL key and hit up arrow
yancyporter:: I think Laurent is as solid as one can be. Nevis, you know how those LA guys go, they are about like juco prospects.
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quietriot:: yancy, have we offered Vince Vance???
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yancyporter:: No relation to Stanley, bluecamel.
bjlanier:: i really don't see Nevis leaving us unless it is to LSU...and i don't think they'll offer him
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MeanMachine1:: I agree on the LA guys Yancy...they scare me
recon684:: Yancy, how hard are we recruiting Alex Washington
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yancyporter:: Who is Vince Vance?
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bluecamel:: lol, yall had some of the same features is why i asked
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quietriot:: Lower Alabama???
MrRebReb:: Yancy, who would you rate as the best RB prospect on the Hot List?
SavageReb:: no room for him V V.....already have Lee Thigpen
yancyporter:: Recon, pretty hard.
EdAbbey:: He's Lance Vance's brother.
MeanMachine1:: yeah...all our Lower AL recruits
rankinreb:: gales also planning on visits?
EdAbbey:: Yancy, how is J. Garrett doing?
Zrebel:: Yancy- have we tried to recruit Rolando Melancon from Louisiana?
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yancyporter:: Lower Alabama? Still clueless. Who is he?
rebelcrazy2001:: http://www.tbo.com/multimedia/flash/2006/sgarcia/olemiss/
RSavoie:: Yancy, can you elaborate on the injury status of the DL or not? will peria jerry be able to be full strength at all this season?
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rebelcrazy2001:: I still think Ole Miss has a chance
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bluecamel:: good question z
MFBREBEL:: Yancy, any changes with C Ramsey
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DeliDave:: Yanvy any juicy info you can share or is it still too early?
bjlanier joined
rebelcrazy2001:: with Garcia
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yancyporter:: RSavoie, I have no clue. Practices are closed and he does not reveal this information.
recon684:: Yancy, have you bought your new daughter a cheerleader outfit yet?
MeanMachine1:: We dman sure better have a chance
yancyporter:: No chance with Ramsey.
jedirebel:: Sylvia Vancce's brother...the one with the great rack
yancyporter:: All my joice is out, DeliDave.
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rankinreb:: no chance with garcia. better move on
EdAbbey:: That's dirty, Yancy.
SavageReb:: her brother has a great rack jedi?
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bjlanier:: can you post that link again for garcia's blog?
yancyporter:: Recon, I had a son, and yes, he has bunches of Ole Miss stuff. Wearing some right now, as he is sitting next to me.
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MeanMachine1:: If we miss on Garcia that is a problem...big one
quietriot:: no, yancy...that was for LA...Vince Vance is a 6-8, 285-pound OL at Georgia Military College...
jedirebel:: Sylvia did
recon684:: Sorry
rebelcrazy2001:: Yancy did Kodi Burns drop Ole Miss because we wanted him as an athlete not a QB
jedirebel:: I can see why you are confused though
rankinreb:: well mean you better prepare yourself
SavageReb:: lol
Zrebel:: how many spots are left for this class?
MeanMachine1:: Why do I need to prepare
SavageReb:: all those late might talks about newts will do it to you jedi
yancyporter:: Quitriot, first I have heard of him
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rankinreb:: garcia is all sc
jedirebel:: Rankin I think you said those very words about half of our signing class last year
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PrincetonReb:: Any chance Steven Ridley turns tables in the end?
yancyporter:: Yes, Kodi equaled athlete, not QB.
bluecamel:: yancy is it true that little porter has commited to the ole miss ribbon/baton team? following in his dads footsteps? just joking
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MeanMachine1:: Ok...what do you want me to do...get supplies?
bdpreb:: Yancy, do we want 2 more OL?
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MeanMachine1:: I have duct tape
recon684:: When is the playback of Ole Miss games shown back on CSS
yancyporter:: around 9 slots are left for this class. It is getting critical now. Lots of candidates and very few slots left.
rankinreb:: lol that might help
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MrRebReb:: Yancy, how is Isaiah Smith doing so far this season?
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yancyporter:: Bluecamel, you can hold me to this, if my son is D1 material, he will be at Om.
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SavageReb:: how many slots left for MSU....25?
PrincetonReb:: Isiah has around 45 tackles so far for Columbia High School this year.
yancyporter:: MrReb, need to call Smith to find out.
MeanMachine1:: I really cannot understand the QB approach but I hope they have some tricks up their sleaves
quietriot:: his coach at GMC, Bert Williams I think, said Vance and DL Corvey Irvin and Jarius Wynn have been offered by Ole Miss...
bluecamel:: yancy, are there any sam johnsons on this years commitment list
quietriot:: recon, Sunday's at 1...
jedirebel:: Sylvia allways said her brother would be a Rebel
PrincetonReb:: His stats were in the Tennessean today.
recon684:: Where did Sam Johnson wind up
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rebelcrazy2001:: what are Chris Strong's stats threw his first four games?
MrRebReb:: Get Smith to send some game film also
jbleezy:: yanc, does he look like you or momma?
yancyporter:: Probably a Sam Johnson, but I am just saying that because of the odds, nobody in mind.
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bluecamel:: thanks
PrincetonReb:: So, I take it, that is a "no" on Steven Ridley....
MemphisRebel82:: how many games is South Panola away from the record?
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SavageReb:: if we did hire Randy Shannon, that might bring in a few more defensive studs
bluecamel:: i was wondering that princeton
Zrebel:: Do you think Toney Clemons visits?
WBRRebel:: yancy is it over for steve ridley??
MrRebReb:: Any word on Bradley Sowell? How is his progress going this season?
recon684:: 4 I think
RebelPop joined
yancyporter:: Ridley looks to be LSU bound.
PrincetonReb:: I went to the BA / Meridian game two weeks ago and BA has two gusy are pretty damn good!
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yancyporter:: Sowell is coming around nicely. Will need to get in better conditioning, but he knows that.
PrincetonReb:: ok, I need to learn how to type....
crabtrap:: ba?
PrincetonReb:: Brentwood Academy
yancyporter:: Clemsons looks to be a long shot now.
bluecamel:: maybe ridley will end up like dudley grice did, that school seems to promote its one good player very well
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rebelcrazy2001:: What are Strong's stats so far?
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yancyporter:: Strong did not know his stats the last time we spoke.
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yancyporter:: Chat session is now over. Take care.
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RebelPop:: Yancy have you already gave your thoughts on Keegan Bell Committing to Vandy?
MrRebReb:: What is the skinny with Tillman's younger brother?
quietriot:: Vance, Irvin and Wynn, according to their coach at GMC, have been offered by Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Florida and State...
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PrincetonReb:: They have a possession WR named Bill Kotas who reminds me of Bill Flowers and a two way WR / FS name Chris Garret who is probably their best athlete, not sure what year they are.
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quietriot:: thanks yancy...
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RebelJD:: any big news???
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crabtrap: Is brentwood still a pretty strong program?
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RebelJD: yancy say anything about official visits?
MrRebReb: With the talk of Coker being fired at Miami, will that help us in recruiting in Florida?
PrincetonReb: BA is still good, but other programs have caught up to them like MBA, McCallie, MUS, and CBHS
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quietriot: couldn't hurt, mrr...
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rebscout: forgot to ask yp about john stokes....did anyone ask him earlier?
JGH315: Yancy--Keegan Bell--did you see it coming?
yancyporter: I felt like after talking to him yesterday, he was leaning towards Vandy. I felt like the longer he waited to make a decision, the better the odds for Ole Miss.
yancyporter: Let session is now over. Lots and lots of fun. Take care

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