5 Star WR commits to Ole Miss

A.J. Jackson (WR, College of Sequoias, CA) - Brent Schaeffer had a favorite target last season at the College of Sequoias. It looks like that connection will reunite next season.<

"I committed to Ole Miss just a few minutes ago," commented A.J. Jackson.

A.J. led the nation in TD's last season with 19, in large part to his buddy Brent Schaeffer.

"He is the best QB in the country. I do not care what anybody says. There is nobody better than Brent out there. We have that connection. That is why I choose Ole Miss. He can auto me to do a different route without the defense even knowing. We have that connection that can not be matched. I wish he were still here this year. I miss him, but we will be doing our thing again next year."

The College of Sequoias has had a difficult time replacing Brent this season.

"We are doing pretty good, but we are weak at one spot, quarterback. If we do not have one step up, we can not do it. Last season, I got a lot of TD's, but this season it has been a struggle. Our QB threw 5 picks last game, but I still have 5 TD's through the first three games."

A.J. was one of the more sought after wide receivers in the country due to his explosiveness and 6' 6", 225 frame.

"I had offers from a lot of people. Oregon offered me, USC offered me and wanted me real bad. They still do. Nebraska's coach hand wrote me a letter with an offer, and they have been trying to get me to set up an official visit. But it is all Ole Miss now. That is where I have wanted to go the whole time."

Has Jackson set up his official visit?

"I am going up there for the Georgia game. That is when we have our bye week."

What did Brent have to say about A.J.'s decision to sign with Ole Miss?

"He does not know yet. Brent is in class, but I told him I was going to do it last night. He told me that he was going to fly out here and drag me down there if I fooled around. Brent misses me, but not half as much as I miss him."

A.J. expects to graduate in May.

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