Practice Report: Thursday

The Ole Miss Rebels have an opportunity Saturday against Wake Forest to square their season record at 2-2 when they take on the undefeated Demon Deacons in Oxford. Coach Ed Orgeron has been pleased with the team's preparations for their next challenge. Read about it inside.

"I thought the guys had a good week of practice. They've been very positive," said Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron after today's practice session, the last full-speed work of the week as the Rebels prepare for the 3-0 Wake Forest invasion. "I feel we are going to be ready to play. It's good to be home."

Yesterday, Coach O mentioned starting RT Darryl Harris would miss the game against the Demon Deacons due to injury and that David Traxler would take his place in the starting lineup. Who would be the third tackle if something were to happen to LT Michael Oher or Trax?

"It all depends on how Andrew Wicker is feeling. He would probably move to the tackle slot and Thomas Eckers would move up to Wicker's left guard position," O explained. "But Andrew hasn't practiced much this week. Reid Neely could be a possibility too."

Coach O said he's feeling a little better about the Rebel defense - as much as the situation will allow.

"We have not had what we call our starting DT (Peria Jerry) and NT (Jeremy Garrett) at practice all week," he noted. "That's not good. I don't know how you expect to play at a high level with guys not practicing, but we will do the best we can. I have been seeing some things that have encouraged me on the defensive side of the ball though."

Yesterday, O said LEO Chris Bowers had been practicing some and might play some against Wake Forest. Any changes on that front today?

"He was OK today. I expect him to play sparingly," Orgeron stated.

O was asked about the progress of the some of the younger guys who are playing. He jumped right in on DE Greg Hardy.

"He is really coming along. Greg had another good week of practice and is starting to learn his technique," Coach O said. "He's strong and gets off the ball. I really like him. He made an excellent play against Kentucky, stripping the ball and recovering the fumble he caused. He did exactly what he was supposed to do."

John Jerry was next.

"He's really ahead of a lot of people and getting better constantly. John jumped offsides a couple of times last week. I thought one of them was because of crowd noise, but a coupe of them were because he was really fired up for the game and didn't know how to handle being really hyped," O explained. "I could feel his fire and intensity and he didn't know how to handle it. That's what I attribute it to anyway. He'll learn."

The Rebels have not tried a field goal this year, but O said when he needs one frosh PK Joshua Shene will get the call.

"Josh is the guy. I think he can do it. He does it in practice and I think he's ready. We will go to him for all field goal attempts, short and long. He's got good range," O added.

The Rebels will have their normal walk-through tomorrow afternoon. There will be no practice report tomorrow.

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