Postgame press conference

After Wake Forest had humbled the Ole Miss Rebels in a rain-delayed football game at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium tonight, Rebel Coach Ed Orgeron said the main disatisfaction he has is that he has not seen improvement from the first game until now. Read about it inside.

The following is Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron's press conference following the humbling 27-3 loss to Wake Forest at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium tonight.

Coach O's Opening Statement: "I am obviously deeply disappointed in the way we played tonight. We have not gotten better since the Memphis game on offense. We can't run the football, we are making too many mistakes and we are inconsistent in just about everything we are doing. On defense, we made a little bit of improvement tonight, but we gave up 240 yards rushing and only rushed for 26 yards. We had some guys battling inside - Brandon Jenkins and Hayward Howard - I thought they made a little improvement, but Wake Forest hit us on some big plays, some reverses, some busted assignments and I thought we played poor at the linebacker positions tonight. We didn't make some plays we normally make there. Obviously we will have to look at the film, but I was disappointed in the competitive nature of my team tonight.

"We did not compete. We struggled the whole game."

Q: What does it say about the defense when Wake Forest only had to pass five times and won the game handily?

Coach O: It says we are not very good up front. Teams we are playing know that. We have guys playing up there for the first time and we are very thin. That's no excuse. We are small at the DE slots. I don't think we are playing very well at the linebacker spots. We were in position to make plays some times, but didn't tackle their big back very well. He outphysicaled us today.

Q: Talk about QB Brent Schaeffer.

Coach O: Very inconsistent play. We are not pleased with it. We are going to look at what we are doing. I thought Seth (Adams) came in the fourth quarter and played well. If he is the best QB for our team, we will play him. We will make that decision. This is all about competing and I'm into playing the best players. I am disappointed we had some players who played very well in the first game and aren't playing well now. We need to find out why.

Q: When did you know Peria Jerry would not play?

Coach O: Right before the game. He didn't practice all week and just did not feel like he could play.

Q: What were the problems Brent was having?

Coach O: Inconsistency, pocket presence, not running the team right. He had some dropped balls at the beginning and then kind of ran hot and cold from there on out.

Q: What is your concern since the Memphis game?

Coach O: That we haven't gotten better. I knew we would struggle on defense but I felt we could get better. We have not. We have not improved on offense and I thought they'd carry us for a while. We have some injuries on the DL which has made it tough on us. Maybe we need to blitz more. We tried to blitz tonight and got hit with big plays when we did. I think it's a combination of talent and coaching and we just have to get better and do better.

Q: Did you plan on not rushing Brent tonight? He only had one or two carries.

Coach O: I'd rather see BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Mico McSwain and Bruce Hall run the ball. Their eight-man front was taking away the QB run tonight. The QB run stuff works better against a six-man front.

Q: Did the rain delay bother you?

Coach O: I thought we handled that well. Our guys came in here and we talked to them a little bit. When we went out, we were fired up and ready to play. The guys had a little spark about them. The delay didn't have anything to do with our play tonight.

Q: Talk about the failure to score when you had a first-and-goal at the 2.

Coach O: Disappointing. Just disappointing that we can't punch it in. We should be able to run the football in there. We have enough talent on offense that we should score from there.

Q: What do you tell the team now?

Coach O: I'm not going to tell you everything I told them, but I said I was really disappointed in myself, in my coaching staff and in the way we are playing and that I will not accept it.

Q: Talk about getting Chris Bowers back.

Coach O: He caused a fumble, but you could tell his tackling skills are not back to where they need to be. He got dragged a couple of times for extra yardage, but I was glad to see him back out there.

Q: The intensity you have does not seem to be transferring to the team on the field. Can you explain that?

Coach O: That's going to take some time. Sometimes my intensity can be overwhelming. Sometimes I need to pull back on it, but maybe I have pulled back too much this year. We are going to crank it up this week, I'll tell you that.

Q: What's going on with the linebackers?

Coach O: We'll have to look at the film, but we don't have many more options from a personnel standpoint. Rory Johnson is a great athlete, but he struggles with the different defenses we run and I don't feel comfortable putting him in yet. We may have to simplify what we are doing. The other guys are not ready yet. We may have to play one or two defenses and just do them well instead of running different defenses we aren't executing. Rory can run and that would help us in not getting beat on the edge like we did tonight. There were some reverses and some nakeds that we should have run down and made a play. We were in man coverage and that should have been an easy play for our guys to track down, but we didn't.

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