Strong continues to shine

Chris Strong (LB, South Panola, MS) - The center piece to Ole Miss' top 10 recruiting class has been as steady as ever for the nationally ranked South Panola Tigers.

The Tigers are riding a 50 game winning streak and are getting ever so closer to the state record.

"That was one of our goals, but not our main goal, going into the season. We have three more games to go (to break the state record), but we really have our eye set on four (state championships) in a row. That is what we really want."

South Panola had a rough start but they endured the tough times and have grown as a team for it.

"We had a pretty tough two games, but we managed to pull them through. We are getting better each week."

And how has Chris fared on the field?

"For the game to be so hard, I am playing pretty physical. I have also taken a leadership role on the field. When we get up (by a large margin in the ball games), I sit on the sidelines and teach the young guys where to line up, and where to go. That is why we continue to do so good here. We let our younger guys get a lot of experience, so when it is their turn, we never miss a beat."

If Chris were a teacher, and he was giving a grade for his play this season; what would it be?

"I would give myself a 90-92. I have been where the ball is going, so I will give myself a 92."

South Panola has had three blowout wins in a row which has resulted in less playing time for Strong.

"I have not played much the last three games, but so far, I have 27 solo tackles, 7 assists, and one knocked down pass."

If there was one thing Chris would like to work on; what would it be?

"I want to get to where I recognize where the ball is going before it is even snapped. That way I can tell my teammates where to go."

Has all of this recognition changed Strong's tune to his recruitment?

"No, not at all. Ole Miss has been good to me. When I tore my ACL in 10th grade, they were the only one who kept writing me letters. I have family over there. I know all of the ropes and what to do and not to do. It is close to home and in the SEC. That is where I got to go."

The Rebels have struggled on the field this season but they have had one constant message for Strong.

"They just tell me that they are glad I am a part of their team, and they are going to be real competitive when me and my boys (Jeramie Griffin and LeRoy Diggs) get there."

South Panola plays at Olive Branch this Friday.

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