Monday Press Conference

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron knows the task facing his 1-3 Rebels when the 10th ranked Georgia Bulldogs come to town this weekend. The Rebels will have to get better in a hurry this week in prctice. Read about it inside.

The following is Ole MIss Coach Ed Orgeron's Monday press conference, beginning with an opening statement.

Coach O: "We're anxious to put the Wake Forest game behind us and get ready for a very good Georgia Bulldog team. After watching the film of the Wake Forest game, nothing has changed our opinion from immediately after the game. They gained 240 yards rushing and we gained 26 - that was the difference in the game. In the second half, I thought we tried to throw the ball too much because we were behind. That is the defense's fault - we have to keep the game closer so that we can run our offense. We got in predicaments where they can rush the QB and we gave up five sacks. We're not very good at protecting the QB right now. We have some things we have to get better at on our team.

"Looking at Georgia, they are very talented. They had a very close game against Colorado, but found a way to win. They are now 4-0 overall and 1-0 in the SEC. They have three talented tailbacks and are a basic I-back offense. They run the ball right at you and play-action in their passing game. They are very good on the OL and pick up blitzes well. They also have a very good TE in Martrez Milner - one of the best we will see this year. He can catch the ball and stretch the field. They have some tall wide receivers who can beat you one-on-one. They are an explosive offense. They have two good young QBs and we will have to prepare for both of those guys. On defense, they are giving up only 6.25 points a game. They are very similar to our defense scheme-wise, they have great athletes to run their scheme and they play hard. We have our work cut out for us, but we will be positive with our team today and get after it."

Q: Does it matter which QB plays?

Coach O: Not really. Their team may have rallied more around Joe Cox at the end of the Colorado game, but they didn't do anything differently on offense with either of them. They ran the same stuff.

Q: Any hope of getting some of your walking wounded back this week?

Coach O: No. Chris Bowers will practice and play, but other than that, I don't think we will have any changes in the injury situation.

Q: Do you look to play more freshmen this week?

Coach O: No. We will stick with our plan and play the best players, whoever they are.

Q: What about the QB situation?

Coach O: We will stick with Brent Schaeffer. We talked about it. We think our offensive woes are a combination of route-running, protection, poor decisions with the QB. We are going to continue with Brent and hopefully we can improve all those things around him and get him more consistent. Our inability to run the football, the pressure he's getting, the poor route-running are all factors in his play. Playing from behind has not helped anyone either.

Q: How do you address the lack of fire and emotion you mentioned Saturday night?

Coach O: We address it every day. It's nothing new. We have to find a way to get our guys fired up and take it one week at a time. I think we will be fired up to play Georgia. We should be.

Q: What kind of improvements do you need defensively?

Coach O: We have to make improvements in our tackling and how we fit the run. We don't have a lot of choices in personnel - we barely have a second team line - so we have to stay with the guys we have and hopefully make them better.

Q: How do you handle the outside criticism of the program?

Coach O: We block it out. We have a plan here and we know what we are trying to do. We know how hard we work to make that plan work. We know what we are doing internally, so the rest of the stuff doesn't really matter.

Q: You talked about being disappointed with the team's competitive nature against Wake Forest. How do you change that?

Coach O: Practice. We have to identify those things in practice. We are going to get after it a little more this week in practice. We are going to create some drills that bring out more competitiveness in the players and see how they handle it. But we have to be really careful that we don't lose our guys in practice. There is a fine line on how hard we can go because we are very thin on the OL and DL. We can't afford to lose another lineman.

Q: Wake was able to run the ball right at you. You expect Georgia to try the same thing?

Coach O: Yes. Teams see how thin we are up front and how we are not playing the run well. I think Georgia will come right at us with the run.

Q: What did Colorado do to stop Georgia?

Coach O: They played a lot of base defense and didn't give up the big play.

Q: Talk about WR Michael Hicks' production against WF?

Coach O: He caught the ball well and made some catches some of our other receivers have not been catching. I think we have to put him in there more often. We have to find the guys who can make plays and use them.

Q: What is the difference in WRs catching the ball and not catching it? The consistency of catching the ball.

Coach O: When you have great athletes with confidence, you see those guys make plays. We had problems with Mike Williams at USC his freshman year. He couldn't catch the ball very well. We did a lot of drills with the jugs machine with him and worked a lot of hand-eye coordination drills in the weight room. There are things you can do. We work them all the time. But sometimes it boils down to confidence, too.

Q: Why have you had difficulty running the ball?

Coach O: We ran the ball 16 or 17 times and averaged 4 yards a carry. We got behind and aborted the run game a little early. We have to stick with it more.

Q: Can you assess the impact of Schaeffer and BenJarvus Green-Ellis and their play this past weekend?

Coach O: Last weekend was disappointing for everyone. I thought those two were more consistent in the first game. We opened holes better and ran the ball harder in the opener. Now, teams are keying on BenJarvus a little by overloading the fronts and we aren't taking advantage of it. We are not blocking it well yet.

Q: Daverin Geralds played in the game Saturday. Is he ready for more playing time at DT?

Coach O: I don't think he is ready to play. He is a great young man and big and strong. I think he's going to be a very good OL. He's what we have right now on the DL in terms of backups and I'm glad to have him, but he's not ready to play consistently on the DL right now in the SEC.

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