Rebs still looking at Bayou defensive end

Harvey Haynes (DE, Metairie, LA) - One of Louisiana's top defensive playmakers has had a solid start to the season.

"Harvey Haynes has played well in all three games. I think his leadership is the number one thing. It is obvious they are not running at him. That is pretty obvious. Most of his tackles are pursuit plays and most of the time he is doubled teamed when he pass rushes. Harvey just out athletes everyone. There is not a better defensive player in our league. I can assure you of that." commented East Jefferson's head coach, Henry Rando.

The 2-1 East Jefferson squad had a couple of colleges come to scout Haynes last Friday.

"ULM and Arkansas watched him play Friday night. They both told me that he is the most athletic end they have seen this Fall."

The 6' 4", 235 pound end also had a few visitors in the Spring.

"In the Spring, we had a lot of schools come by to watch Harvey. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, USM, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Central Florida, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Vandy, and Clemson were here."

Which colleges are the main schools involved in Harvey's recruitment?

"Ole Miss has really stayed on that kid. Of course they have offered him, so has MSU and Arkansas. Nebraska has really started to recruit him real hard. LSU was recruiting him, but they are not now. He gets something everyday from Missouri, I mean everyday. They are very persistent. Boston College has started calling alot lately. They want him to come up for an official visit."

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