Michael Oher

Ole Miss' Sophomore Left Tackle Michael Oher believes a lot of the Rebel problems of the past three weeks can be solved with one simple adjustment - better communication up front on the offensive line. Read about it inside.

Ole Miss' sophomore Left Tackle Michael Oher doesn't waste a lot of words in a conversation.

He gets to the point quickly, the same way he tries to get to charging defensive ends trying to decapitate the quarterback he is entrusted to protect.

So we got to the point with Michael too.

What's going on up front on the Rebel OL?

"I feel like we have to start communicating a lot better than what we've been doing. I feel that has been our main problem," said Michael, the subject of a recent book - Blind Side - and article in the New York Times. "I don't think we are losing the battles physically, I think we are losing battles from lack of communication.

"We have to improve in that area. I think if we improve our communication we will stop having busts and missed assignments. We will work on that hard this week."

Oher said he's looking forward to the challenge of taking on Georgia's defensive line and their extremely active defensive ends, senior Quentin Moses and junior Charles Johnson. Moses leads the Bulldogs in QB pressures with 12.

"Georgia has a good defensive line. They are active, athletic and experienced," Oher noted. "They play downhill. We will have to be sharp on the offensive line against them, but that is the case every week. If we do what we are capable of doing, we will be OK."

And therein lies the rub. Oher does not feel the OL is playing up to its capabilities.

"We've still got guys learning the tricks of the trade. John Jerry is a freshman, I've never played left tackle before, Corey Actis is new at center and (RT) David Traxler doesn't have a lot of experience, but as I said, we are not getting physically beaten as much as we are beating ourselves," he continued. "We'll get there, hopefully sooner rather than later."

Oher said he's settling in more and more at the left tackle slot.

"I'm still learning, but I've made a lot of progress since I first started playing left tackle last spring," he explained. "It's good to have a few games under my belt. I'm confident the position is a fit for me, but I realize I still have things to learn. You learn by experiencing things and that's what's happening with me and everyone on our OL right now. I'm comfortable at LT, but I know I'm not a complete player yet."

Thus far, the season has been a disappointment to Oher, but he's a realist about the situation the Rebels are in.

"We've still got a lot of football to play and nobody on this team has given up, not even close," Oher closed. "We just have to stick together and continue to get better. Our day is coming.

"The lessons we are learning now will pay off in the future."

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